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My new website

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am delighted to continue serving you at my new website 

Please come and visit and leave a comment.

Fatma XO


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Magical Paris

eiffel tower Pictures, Images and Photos

My life has been definitely turbo charged in the last 2 months. I have supported 10 women with my VIP Days through major transformation. I have stepped up and treated myself to an Intensive Day being coached by the  gorgeous Gina Ratliffe at the Ritz in Paris. The decision alone and then the experience itself has catapulted me to another place altogether. My business is going high end and I will soon be shifting this blog to another platform.

Paris is absolument magnifique and the Parisians incredibly friendly.  If you are seeking jaw dropping inspiration definitely put Paris on your list. Did you know that Paris is the world’s # 1 tourist destination and is considered the world’s most beautiful city? I loved every minute of my stay there.

My VIP Days are now high end, high value services to support women to step into their magnificence and lead the life their hearts desire.

If you are looking for powerful transformation in the area of health, wealth and happiness then a VIP Day with Fatma will be a life changing experience worth investing in.

You can email me at fatmazaidi at for more information. I would love to help you with your powerful transformation.

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Loved showcasing Aromatherapy for the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition at the Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference. I got to hand out magical potions and delight the participants.


Pictures of my last 2 events – Express Yourself and Your Personal Vision

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Where is Fatma?

waves Pictures, Images and Photos

Hello everyone! I have not written a post in almost 2 months! Having said that I have been surfing a Big Wave here and there is huge excitement in the air!

So here is some of what I have been doing:

Held 2 events,  Express Yourself and Your Personal Vision and had tons of fun. (will be posting pictures soon)

Dream boogied with SARK. It has been an absolute amazing experience. She will be doing it all over again in June!
Bestselling author and artist SARK and Marney Makridakis from are together presenting a FREE teleclass on Thursday, June 3.  It’s called  SARK and Marney’s Magic Management:
How Your Inner CEO and Inner Spirit Can Get Along and Thrive
!  Sign up to reserve your free spot!
Marney created a beautiful Creative Cartography Map for me a few months ago. It is so delightful to see the love flow between Marney and SARK.  You will see a little blurb on me in one of  SARK’s newsletters! Yeah!

Created my Brand New Service: A VIP Day with me! If you want to know more about booking one for yourself , I would love to hear from you. You will find my contact info under “About ” in the sidebar. Elizabeth Genco Purvis from Marketing Goddess will be featuring me and my VIP days in her next newsletter. Double Yeah!

Organizing a holiday retreat in …………….. (Will tell you soon enough. Watch this space!)

Been part of Sandy Grason’s Fabulous Formula! Sandy is faaaaaabulous!

Riding the Big Waves of Life requires skills otherwise they can easily drown us. Sound familiar? I have been learning some brilliant skills from Lissa Boles, the Soul Mapper.

There is more and I will leave that for another post! If you need help in Stepping into your Change you will love a VIP Day with me! You are so worth it!

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A Happy Giveaway

I so enjoyed the beautiful Easter Weekend filled with Spring Sunshine, a clear blue sky and lots of time to take deep gulps of the fresh air.

A couple of weeks ago I had a Creative Cartography Session with Marney Markiadis of Artellaland. As part of the session I received a beautiful Action Map made with love by Marney. It is awesome and I totally recommend her inspiring work. With Marney’s graceful permission I am giving away the following ebook by her.

Download a FREE copy of the Artella eBook, Peace by Piece: Collage Your Way to Inner Peace and Harmony. This workbook guides you through several collage projects, each one designed to bring you closer to your true self and your powerful ability for manifesting your dreams and desires. Download your copy here!

Thank you Marney!

You can check out more about Marney at her website Artellaland.

Marney is also one of the teachers in Sark’s Dream Boogie Program.

Want to have a cup of tea with SARK?  Here’s a fun tea party video from SARK’s home in San Francisco where she talks about dreams and her new online program.

SARK Video

Enjoy all the  inspiration! 🙂

Fatma XO

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The Happy Book Week 3

I have never given much thought to happiness because I find happiness in all the little moments of life. But as I am blogging about being happy I have become more aware of the many nuances of happiness.

At the Authentic Happiness website you can fill out a questionnaire to find out  the inventory of your Authentic Happiness. You can also read the article on the New Science of Happiness in Times Magazine. Also check out Gretchen Rubin’s # 1 New York Times Bestseller The Happiness Project.

So what does happiness mean to you? To me it means savoring all the moments of our lives. With all of its ups and downs it is a magnificent life!  Here are some of this week’s happy moments:

Taking on the task of clearing my inbox of 10000+ emails. Definitely a Woohoo moment! A big check mark on my declutter list.

Buying yellow/orange tulips in a pot for my daughter Safia. They are her favorite flowers! My sister planted tulips in my garden when I was pregnant with Safia who was born in March the following year. The tulips bloom every year around that time and Safia loves the day when she gets to see them each spring.

Finished reading The Four Agreements, the first book I wanted to read for 2010. I love incorporating the first agreement into my daily life.

Everyday and always I cherish spending time with my children. They make my heart feel so full.

Lots more but I am happy to stop here so I can go have a happy lunch.

Wishing you a Happy Week wherever you are! 🙂

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The Happy Book

The Happy Book


I love participating in Jamie’s Book Blogging Club. She always has fantastic ideas. The current book is “The Happy Book” by Rachel Kempster and Meg Leder. Jamie has chosen to mail out 4 books that will go around the world letting each participant write in their experience and letting us see the contributions of the other participants. I cannot wait until my book arrives in the mail! 🙂

I always choose to fill my life with happy moments. Today I feel particularly happy for putting together my event “2010 – Year of Transformation” yesterday and loving every moment of teaching and sharing with the participants. The knowledge was priceless, the food superb and the participants delighted. Today I emailed them an outline of their 2010 Plan to make this year their best year ever.  Living my purpose makes me very happy! 🙂

Wishing everyone a deeply happy day!

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