Summer of 2010


This has definitely been a summer of personal expansion, growth and many new experiences. I loved going to Paris in July and then Switzerland in August. I went back to the town I grew up in. It has been 18 years since I last saw it and it too has grown and blossomed immensely. I so enjoyed walking down memory lane. I also met the very first teacher I had there. She came knocking on the door of my first day there as she was so excited to meet me again and invited us to a very Swiss dinner. She is so special and I am still learning from her. I also did my first international teleclass for a selected number of clients on the topic of “Expand your Wealth Consciousness so you can live your purpose!” It was so much fun and I look forward to hosting more teleclasses. I will definitely be teaching more about living from a place of divine abundance!

Oh and while coming back I fell asleep for about 20 minutes at the airport in New York and missed my flight to Toronto. I have never sat so close to the gate and missed a flight. We  had to wait for a flight until next morning. We watched the sun rise and had a delicious banana, strawberry and papaya smoothie.  I bought beautiful bookmarks to give away at the bookstore there with dolphins jumping out of the ocean and the words “with God all things are possible”. What a beautiful message on a sparkly morning in New York. I loved to see the faces when I gave them away at the Movers and Shakers event I attended this weekend in Toronto. I also had the joy of meeting and speaking with Louise Hay. Her facebook page can get upto 800000 hits a day! At 84 she is certainly living it up and making a difference in the world with her books and with her company Hayhouse. She has sold 50 million books all over the world.  I met many inspiring people and had lunch with Sylvie Ouellette who quit her high paying job and dedicated her life to helping the women of Cananga in Congo. Check out her website. One person with a compelling vision can truly make a difference. The next day I had lunch with a filmmaker from the US and a shaman and medicinewoman called Moondancer from Toronto. Live is definitely an adventure full of surprises!

Here are some glimpses from my trip that I love sharing with you.

River Seine at Dusk

Luscious berries at an Open Air Market in Paris

A magical moment that cannot be captured in a picture – Full Moon photographed standing under the Eiffel Tower

Art in Paris

Flower seller in St. Gallen, Switzerland

Colorful flowers in a park in St. Gallen

I used to wait exactly here to take the train to St. Gallen where I went to High School. The trains are amazingly punctual and you can time your watch by them.

My daughter Safia loved this fragrant herb water fountain

Quaint Hotel

Lushness of flowers everywhere

Flowers and a fountain you can drink from

Loved the stunning colors of these  flowers that I could not capture on camera.

My heart is grateful for all the experiences and people I met.



  1. Wow! Wonderful views! Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    How exciting that you got to meet such cool people!
    What´s your next plan? Looking forward to reading about it. 🙂

  2. Sukaina said

    You surely made me walk my memory lane, beautifull pictures you captured, You look really good on the picture 🙂

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