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The Path of Delight

Happy Friday Pictures, Images and Photos
It is Friday and time for a post for the Happy Book Blogging Club.

It is a perfectly happy day today! I love Fridays even though I don’t work a 9-5 job. Now that is something I am very happy about! I decided to not just share my happy moments but post something that will delight you. This week I am choosing the following:

The Path of Delight

Taking delight in who you are, what you do, and what you have is the secret of personal power, satisfaction, and high-energy living.

Delight connects you with the beauty and power of the Universe, with your Higher Power, with Divinity.

Delight means feeling and expressing the joy of life, rejoicing in the beauty and richness of being.

Delight is a powerful liberating force that frees your creativity, talents, abilities, and capacities.

Delight anchors you in the eternal now and lets you see the best of it.

Delight inspires hope.

Delight feeds the heart and nurtures the soul.

Delight brings zest into our life.

Delight makes you receptive and confident.

Delight is contagious: it is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and others.

The path of delight is there; it has always been there, waiting for you….

from Out of the Blue by Mark Victor Hansen & Barbara Nichols


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Happy Spring! :)

spring Pictures, Images and Photos

Celebrating the first day of Spring! I love Spring and last week was just so glorious. What a joy to see people laughing and spending more time outdoors and everyone just soaking in the sun. It is cold again today. Nevertheless it IS Spring at last! The birds are back and the I can feel the lifeforce pulsating everywhere.

We had so many happy moments last week:

My daughter Safia’s 10 th Birthday. I woke up in the middle of the night to put out her gifts and balloons making for a delightful Birthday morning!

Attending the Total Health Show where I always meet the nicest people and learn cool stuff.

It was March Break and one of Safia’s dreams was to  to see how one of Canada’s most loved souvenir, Maple Syrup, was made in old times. So we visited Black Creek Pioneer Village and had a fabulous time learning just that. We also got to see many other things in the Village about life in the 19th Century. It so reminded me of my childhood growing up in Switzerland where there is still a lot of old fashioned way of living in the villages and mountain regions. We also enjoyed a horse wagon ride with the biggest horses I have ever seen. And I did not have my camera to capture the moment! We had such a marvelous time.

Watching hilarious and jawdropping circus acts at the mall just minutes from our home.

Going to the Crystal store in downtown Toronto is always such a treat. Found a pretty and newly discovered Crystal from Mexico.

Walking across Danforth Ave. in the Spring Sunshine.

Enjoying organic strawberries!

Helping and inspiring people through my passion and purpose.

Wishing you Happy Spring filled with laughter, sunshine and colors! 🙂

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A Spring Celebration!


It is always such a delight to teach at my events. Today’s event took place a bit earlier due to March Break. It is never too early though for any Celebration! Here are some pictures from the event. It is the first time I post  pictures from my live events and I dedicate it to the participants who let me live my joy by helping connect them to their joy! You know who you are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I taught about Spring Energies (being in tune with the natural rhythms of our planet), Super Spring Plan with Food and Detox Ideas and Transformational Tools to help YOU shine in all your colors!

Tulips to celebrate Spring!

The beautiful pink/green bowls

 were a discovery of my sister’s. Mwah. The participants got to take theirs home.

The Super Spring Plan to revitalize and rejuvenate!

Delicious Raspberry Ice cream with Blueberries – Mmmm 

Raw Taco Boats

Avocados and Tomatoes for the Taco Boats

and much FUN, Laughter, Connecting and LOVE!

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