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The Happy Book Week 3

I have never given much thought to happiness because I find happiness in all the little moments of life. But as I am blogging about being happy I have become more aware of the many nuances of happiness.

At the Authentic Happiness website you can fill out a questionnaire to find out  the inventory of your Authentic Happiness. You can also read the article on the New Science of Happiness in Times Magazine. Also check out Gretchen Rubin’s # 1 New York Times Bestseller The Happiness Project.

So what does happiness mean to you? To me it means savoring all the moments of our lives. With all of its ups and downs it is a magnificent life!  Here are some of this week’s happy moments:

Taking on the task of clearing my inbox of 10000+ emails. Definitely a Woohoo moment! A big check mark on my declutter list.

Buying yellow/orange tulips in a pot for my daughter Safia. They are her favorite flowers! My sister planted tulips in my garden when I was pregnant with Safia who was born in March the following year. The tulips bloom every year around that time and Safia loves the day when she gets to see them each spring.

Finished reading The Four Agreements, the first book I wanted to read for 2010. I love incorporating the first agreement into my daily life.

Everyday and always I cherish spending time with my children. They make my heart feel so full.

Lots more but I am happy to stop here so I can go have a happy lunch.

Wishing you a Happy Week wherever you are! 🙂


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The Happy Book Journey

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book)


Totally enjoying being part of the Happy Book Journey over at Jamie’s. Spreading  Happy feels good!

I love this quote on Happiness:

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude. Denis Waitley

Lots of things make me very happy. This week I loved rereading The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I have decided to really pay attention to the First Agreement in my daily practice.

This is the first Agreement: Be impeccable with your word. It sounds really huge so I came up with 4 affirmations that make it easy for me to understand this agreement:

I plant seeds of love.

I create my own heaven.

I think and speak words of  love and freedom.

I am happy and grateful to be me.


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The Happy Book

The Happy Book


I love participating in Jamie’s Book Blogging Club. She always has fantastic ideas. The current book is “The Happy Book” by Rachel Kempster and Meg Leder. Jamie has chosen to mail out 4 books that will go around the world letting each participant write in their experience and letting us see the contributions of the other participants. I cannot wait until my book arrives in the mail! 🙂

I always choose to fill my life with happy moments. Today I feel particularly happy for putting together my event “2010 – Year of Transformation” yesterday and loving every moment of teaching and sharing with the participants. The knowledge was priceless, the food superb and the participants delighted. Today I emailed them an outline of their 2010 Plan to make this year their best year ever.  Living my purpose makes me very happy! 🙂

Wishing everyone a deeply happy day!

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