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Fun Energy Tips

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Without Energy it is impossible to feel alive. Deep essential Energy is a combination is of many different factors. Today’s article does not address this kind of Energy. Here are  just some fun tips to give you short term energy instead of reaching for a cup of coffee. As opposed to coffee, these tips will not deplete you when used long term. They. are also infinitely more fun and multidimensional.

Choose the ones you love and try them out.
1. Smell Peppermint oil. You can also add therapeutic grade peppermint to a glass of water or put it directly on your tongue. Talk about a wake up call.
2. Use a spritz bottle filled with water and a few drops of an energizing oil like Citrus Fresh or Rosemary. Spraying this on your face will instantly revive you. I use this as an aura spray during some of my workshops and participants love it.
3. Rub your ears all over for a minute. You have points on the ear that connect to all your body. This will help make you feel more alert. It is a tool used in Brain Gym.
4. Thump your chest like Tarzan! 🙂 This is a Kinesiology tip to energise your thymus gland and align your body’s energy.
5. ATP is the molecule that supplies energy to your cells. Pumpkin seeds are one of the best sources. Keep some handy in your bag, in your kitchen or your office.
6. Wash your face with cold water and run some over your wrists and hands for a few seconds. This will get blood to rush to the area and improve circulation making you feel more alive.
7. Massage your scalp with a drop of rosemary oil rubbed between your fingers. This is definitely a feel good tip!
8. Remember to take a few moments to breath deeply when feeling tired or tense. You can also rub a drop of a relaxing essential oil on your palms and then inhale deeply from your cupped palms.
9. Move it! Just a few minutes of jumping jacks, jumping rope. stretches or running up the stairs will get more energy circulating instantly.
10. Drink a glass or two of water. A drop of Citrus Fresh will augment the effect. Dehydration will make you feel tired. 

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The Joy Diet – Feasting

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Where does time go? I missed the posting of the last chapter of the Joy Diet. I would definitely not want to miss out on the Feasting. I very much enjoyed Martha Beck’s book and the last chapter is a sparkling finale. So here is my round up.

Here is how Martha describes a feast: It is not the presence of food or drink that makes a joy diet feast but a sequence of 3 elements: celebration, nourishment and thanks.

A feast is a ritual that sets an activity apart from ordinary life in a way that emphasizes beauty and pleasure for those that participate.

Feasts touch all the senses of taste, smell, sight, touch and sound. I would also add the sense of feeling. The joy diet feast is anything that physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually feeds your true self.

Here are a list of my feasting ideas:

Feasting on food

1. Green Smoothies

2. Indian Food

3. Herbal Tea

Feasting on Beauty

1. Everything in Nature

2. Beautiful Art

3. Beautiful Clothes

Feasting on Rest and Relaxation

1. A bath with essential oils – Aaaah!

2. A nap

3. Reading an inspirational book

Feasting on Brain Candy

1. People watching – love the diversity of humanity

2. learning about different cultures

3. Enrolling in classes of subjects I love – I am a life long student

Martha ends with a Feast of love – any instant human beings exchange affection. It will be the experience that will make you glad that you lived.

I am so glad I am alive. The purpose if life is joy and I love the encouragement to sit and feast on our life! 🙂

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