The Joy Diet – Laughter

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I loved this chapter. If there is one ingredient I will take away and add more of to my life from this book it is definitely laughter. I love laughing and do not do it nearly enough.  Martha recommends to laugh at least 30 times a day.  I did not keep track but I don’t think I make the mark.  I love being in the company of funny people. I especially enjoy the humor of the people in Tanzania where my family lives. The local language is full of humor and people are laughing wherever you turn.

 I am so glad to have my 9 year old daughter who I call the family clown. Safia can be hilarious and she makes me laugh a lot. We love reading her series of Junie B Jones book. They are so incredibly funny that we laugh until we hurt. My oldest son makes me laugh with his edgy comments when I get too serious. Zuhair, my middle child spots a hairstyle that I would find so funny if it would not be him having it. How can a son of mine have a hairstyle like that?!

Although I love comedies it is  life’s funny moments and experiences that I treasure the most.

Love, laugh, live until we meet again!




  1. Fatma, I love that your middle son is so adventurous with his hair! And the kids really are wonderful at getting us to laugh. I find that as I get older I laugh more and more. I feel less responsible for the world, though I still care deeply about it.

    enjoy your days!

  2. Lucy said

    Thanks for the good post. You will increase your PLD.

  3. Ginny said

    How wonderful that you and your children share laughter and joy. You are so right – it is life’s funny moments and experiences that we all should treasure.

  4. Jean said

    I agree that the best laughter comes from our lives and loved ones. It is so great that your kids are all so funny and add to your laughter quotient.

    Thanks for your post!

  5. ellenoire said

    Lovely post – I got such a strong image of your daughter and son and it brought big smiles to me.

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