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San Diego 051

Playing in San Diego – View from our room!

 Wow, we are already at Week 7 of the Joy Diet. I admit I just caught up with this chapter today as I have had a very busy week speaking and teaching classes. This week’s behavior is Play and although I have been busy working I am so glad that my work is my life purpose and so does not feel like work. But this week after so much speaking I was craving some silence. I feel that no matter what we are doing there has to be a ebb and flow of yin and yang.

I picked some pieces from this chapter that spoke to me or that I would like to explore further.

The following 2 questions are meant to help us figure out our real career. Thankfully I have connected with my real career 17 years ago.

When your life is over, how do you want the world to be different-in large ways or small ways-because you have lived? – The participants of one of my events received a book as a gift from me that addresses exactly this issue. The book is True Purpose by Tim Kelley and has the Subtitle: 12 Strategies for discovering the difference you are meant to make. I know it will change the lives of those who will work with it. I answer this question for myself below.

What experiences must you have to feel that you have lived a completely satisfying life? Living a completely satisfying life is a mindset to me. There are no experiences that I must have to be deeply satisfied because every moment provides plenty of opportunities to do just that and when we live those moments we build up and invite more fulfilling experiences that are beyond our current imagination.

I loved the quote by Roshi Shunryu Suzuki called “big mind”:

To exist in big mind is an act of faith, which is different from the usual faith of believing in a particular idea or being. It is to believe that something is supporting us and supporting all our activities including thinking mind and emotional feelings…. That is the feeling of pure being.

The following 2 questions are about Mouse Vision/Eagle Vision as in doing the little things that lead to your big thing.

1. Summarize the real objectives of your life, as just discussed. Think huge.

Mine is to help women transcend cultural boundaries to step into their magnificence. This comes from my own cultural upbringing of being invisible. As I step into my authentic self I want to share my journey with other women who find it so difficult to transcend those boundaries.

2. Note down 3 small, mousey things that you might do today to move closer to any of your objectives. Think tiny.

1. Tell all of you about my objective.

2. I just decided this week to write a book on this subject and want to interview women of all cultures about their experiences. Today I will write down some questions for the interview or survey part.

3. Asking you if you would like to participate. I would be delighted to send you the survey as soon as I have put it together. Just send an email to fatmazaidi at

Yeah! These are really mousey steps leading to my eagle vision.

Of course I love having FUN doing what I love to do. Looking forward to playing with many of you.



  1. How exciting to have this challenge – I just watched Julie and Julia and got all inspired too!

  2. Lucy said

    Your post reminded me of my 3 small mousey things. Thanks.

  3. Karen said

    I want to see that movie! Thanks for sharing your journey with play this week.

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