The Joy Diet – Treats


I was away in San Diego for a incredibly transformational event last week and missed writing about Risks. Going away on a trip like that always asks for us to step our of our comfort zones and requires time, money and energy to make it possible. So it fit very well into last week’s theme.

This week our Chapter is about Treats. It has to be the yummiest and most satisfying chapter and it should come easy, right?

Here is how Martha describes “Treat”: Anything that makes you feel like smiling.

She suggests to make a list of Spontaneous Smile Sparklers. Here is mine:

1. I love the surprises the Universe brings. Here is one: On my last day in San Diego I was leaving to take my daughter to the beautiful zoo there and I encountered a fellow participant leaving to take an Old Trolley tour of the city. Do you think I would have loved to see the whole city? I joined her and had a huge inner and outer smile all day long. It reminded me of my Law of Attraction Teacher’s question – How GOOD can you stand it? Check out the site of Blanca, my amazing companion on this tour.

2. My pashmina shawls that I wear at home in the cold weather. They keep me warm and feel like a comfort blanket. I treated myself to a stunning on in San Diego.

3. Going to the library and bookstore is always an instant smile sparkler.

4. My children totally light up my life

5. Herbal tea in a beautiful cup

6. Reading posts by my fellow joy travellers

7. My work

8. Admitting being splendidly imperfect – Phew, what a relief!

9. Sharing life’s moments with people who treasure life

10. A massage

11. Happy Songs

12. Hearing from friends

13. Freshly laundered sheets and clothes

14. Finding just the right parking spot, outfit, food, book etc.

Oops! Did it say 10?

Although I give myself treats I know that I can do even better. This is something I decided to do while in San Diego. Treating myself more is one of the things that has moved up on my list of priorities. The question for me and you is: How GOOD can we stand it?

Much Love and happy playing until we meet again.




  1. What a lovely post to read – the clean sheets were on my list too – mmmm bliss!

  2. i love your list & comparisions to the LOA. your excitement and positivity comes through in your writing. have a wonderful week practicing PLAY! xo, kaileenelise

  3. Dia said

    I love your tale of the spontaneous trolley car ride around the city – that sounds so fun! & wrapping up in shawls – yummy. I like that it doesn’t take much (cup of tea, bookstore or library, children (& for me grands) . . . ) to light up our hearts & our eyes!

  4. It sounds like your trip was filled with delightful treats. Enjoy those everyday treats — it truly is the magic of living the good life.

  5. Ah, how good can we stand it? Indeed! I loved reading about your San Diego adventures! 🙂 Treats can be so simple and I think they are far more abundant than we realize sometimes… but, just like anything else, we must open up to them to experience their magic!

  6. Ellecubed said

    I love how you described your experience with the law of attraction. It is so heart warming. I also love the list of treats you created. Thank you for sharing your week with treats.

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