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I find this week’s topic absolutely fascinating. Speaking the truth was instilled in us as a part of our religious principles. Lying would take you to hell. I add one of our own making. What I understood much later was that the most important communication we have is the one we have with ourselves. A lot of what we have come to think of as the truth is just a belief system. At one time it was the “truth”  that the earth was flat. At any time when someone discovered a new truth they were prosecuted or executed.

As Martha Beck points out, without exception, denial is a tool we haul out when the truth would rock the varous social boats in which we live our lives. The process of telling the truth is always hard, always painful, always so, so worth it.

Some worthy quotes about Truth

Kahlil Gibran says about Truth: Say not, ‘I have found the truth,’ but rather, ‘I have found a truth.’

Denise Linn: Tell yourself the Truth. Your Soul loves the Truth.

Carolyn Myss: “Truth is the real mover and shaker in the human experience, which is precisely why the longest journey we shall ever walk in this lifetime is the journey to attain a comfort zone with the force of truth itself….Truth makes you a congruent person. It forces your heart, your mind, your will, and your soul to come into full alignment and from that moment on, you have little option but to admit that you know exactly what you feel. And if you know what you feel, you have little choice but to act in accordance with your awareness and your emotions. An act of personal betrayal or an act that betrays another no longer becomes an act that you can excuse because of fear. You see all too clearly that you are using fear as an excuse. The congruent person has nowhere to hide.”

The Truth will set you  free. Speaking of Freedom Bob Proctor mentions that Freedom is not free.  To attain freedom requires giving up something of a lower order to attain something of a higher order. This Universal principal is known as the Law of Sacrifice.

I enjoyed having a daily Moment of Truth this week. I love living a Life of Awareness and the never ending discoveries of our own human experience.  Martha Beck’s questions were based on Byron Katie’s “The Work”. You will find more information and how to work with it here as well as interviews of  Byron Katie with Oprah here. I love Katie’s questions for any thought we think: Is it really true? Are you sure it is absolutely true? How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought? Who would you be without the thought?

Debbie Ford’s work is about dealing with or hiding our  shadow side. Check out the trailer of her new movie “The Shadow Effect


  1. Ellecubed said

    Thank you for sharing all these quotes about truth. They have helped me to look through another lens at truth.

  2. Jackie said

    Byron Katie seems to keep coming up in posts , I will have to look into her.Thank you for sharing!

  3. jessie said

    What a great compilation of Truth Seekers! 🙂 I’m going to go check out Debbie Ford’s trailer for “The Shadow Effect” now. I’ve been meaning to for ages. 😉

  4. Jean said

    I love that you have quotes about Truth here. I was so focused on how much I didn’t really want to do this that something like that never occurred to me.

    I have seen several people mention Byron Katie for this chapter – I’m going to check him out.


  5. Lisa said

    So glad you enjoyed your week of truth… me too! what a wonderful collection of quotes, and I love the picture!

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