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It has been a very beautiful week! I taught my class: Indian Summer – Balancing your energies during this transitional time. We created a plan to live 7 Mindful days during the change of season.  

Chapter 1 of the Joy Diet requires doing 15 minutes of nothing as a foundation for Joy. Thankfully this is something I have been practicing for years and it is truly a foundation for my wellbeing. Martha Beck mentions her squirrel brain and that sitting meditations do not always work for her. For myself I always connect with my body and soul and follow and do what I feel like at that moment.  This week it is following what I put together for myself for living 7 Mindful Days. I begin with a prayer in the morning and have my rose oil infused water which carries the energy of love. It also includes drinking more water during the day to cleanse and eating foods from the abundant fall harvest amongst other things that are nourishing my soul. It is doing me a world of good to dedicate 7 Mindful Days to myself.
During really frantic times here are 2 tips that help the body get into a state of deep relaxation.

Use a warm compress on the forehead and lie down for 10-15 minutes. In Ayurveda there is a deeply relaxing massage called Shirodara that uses sandalwood infused oil on the forehead (also known as the brow chakra or 3rd eye chakra). Sandalwood is deeply relaxing. It is also very expensive. Another option is to use Lavender that is soothing and calming. Apply the oil on the forehead and put on the warm compress. The compress will cool down and will help with overactivity of the brain. Voila! You have your own mini Shirodara treatment.

An epsom salt bath with a relaxing oil blend like Peace & Calming will really help bring you back to a centered, grounded place. The magnesium in the epsom salt is cleansing and detoxifying as well as calming. You can also use Himalayan or Dead Sea Salt. They are rich in minerals, help cleanse negative energy and nourish at the same time. Peace & Calming is a blend from Young Living, my favorite essential oil company. Use a cup of salt and 8 drops of essential oil. If you are new to this it might make you feel tired so it is great to do this before a nap,at bedtime or when you can take it easy.

Wishing you all a joyfilled glorious Fall week of Truth!

Fatma XO


  1. Sherry said

    Fatma, thank you so much for this!! Just reading it I could feel myself relaxing. I’m copying this and putting it to use!!

    Looking forward to journeying through truth with you this week!

  2. Karen said

    Thanks for the great tips! I love both sandlewood and lavender.
    Looking towards next week and truth, see you then.

  3. melita said

    love love love that picture! your blog post was awesome. i have been interested in ayurveda ever since i heard about it. thanks so much for the tips. i actually did ‘nothing’ in the bath with epsom salts that had eucalyptus and spearmint and it worked fabulously! 🙂 i can’t wait to read your take on truth 🙂

  4. Lisa said

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful tips! 🙂

  5. I feel so relaxed after reading your blog. I will give these wonderfu tips a try. Here’s to your 7 days of Mindfulness.

  6. Snap said

    Fatma, thank you! Wonderful ideas and I’m like Sherry …copying it all down! Off for the further adventure of JOY!

  7. Serena said

    Fatma, thank you for these wonderful relaxation tips. I love the daily meditation also. 🙂

  8. Ellecubed said

    Thank you for the lovely tips. I am going to give some of them a try this week.

  9. cathy said

    Thanks for all the grat tips -I’m having trouble doing nothing but I will try some of your suggestions.

  10. cathy said

    Thanks for the great suggestions!!!

  11. I love the idea of laying down with a warm compress and doing nothing for 15 minutes! I am also participating in The Joy Diet book club with Jamie! So fun!

  12. Silky Hart said

    I absolutely love your photo! And, I enjoyed reading about Shirodara massage. Sounds heavenly. I’m a big fan of Epsom salt baths! Thanks so much for sharing these tips!

  13. I didn’t know people still used epsom salts – thought it was a thing from my childhood. Will have to give it a try. Loved your suggestions for both the bath and the mini Shirodara – thank you.

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