Rose Essential Oil

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For this post it is all roses. Young Living has a special and is giving away Rose Essential Oil. It is their most expensive oil. The high cost of rose oil is due to the huge quantity of rose petals needed to extract a tiny amount of oil, and the very high labour costs involved in this method of extraction. The roses are picked before sunrise when the oil is at its highest peak. 

I  love the glorious sight of abundantly blossoming rose bushes in summer.  

Rose oil was probably the first oil to be distilled by the Arab physician Avicenna. Traditionally rose has been called the ‘Queen of Flowers’.

Rosa damascena is named for Damascus, Syria, its place of origin. It is now grown in France, Bulgaria and Turkey. Its fragrance is intoxicating, fresh and sensuous. The delicious perfume of rose oil is very popular in beauty preparations. It is especially helpful for dry, sensitive and mature skin.

Historically the Rose has served as a symbol of love and the inspired soul. Rose oil has the sublime power to clear and  balance the heart chakra and awaken the heart. Rose Oil helps to dissolve psychological and emotional pain. Roses have been the gift of choice for thousands of years to express love and forgiveness.

Rose oil  enhances positive emotions, and intensifies the experience of happiness and bliss. Rose oil is “Love in a bottle”. Just inhaling it will open your heart and help the flow of more loving thoughts.

Rose oil allows us to let go of past relationships and is especially helpful for those suffering from grief and loss.  Rose oil calms feelings of inner turmoil, jealousy and rage. It is also  a powerful anti-antidepressant.

Rose essential oil is an excellent companion during times of major life transitions i.e. puberty, marriage, birth, menopause, death. Rose oil comforts and give its gentle support in times of sorrow and allows for  new possibilities to flow in while gently letting go of the old ways and patterns needing release. Rose oil gently reduces your fears and reassures you that it is safe to let go and allow your heart to heal.

Rose oil regenerates reproductive tissues and is good for all women’s conditions. It also increases sperm production in men.

A few drops of rose oil in water can be used as an aromatic mist to clear the auric field or clear and lift the energy of a room.

Rose oil can also be found in the following Young Living blends. Envision, Forgiveness, Gathering, Gentle Baby, Humility, Harmony, Joy, SARA, Trauma Life and White Angelica.

“A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses.” Chinese Proverb



  1. Shemin said

    After reading your blog, I am now impatient to receive my bottle of rose oil!!


    please note my new email address.

  2. […] Rose Essential Oil […]

  3. Barbara said

    Fatma, With every word I read my desire to have a bottle of ROSE OIL intensifies. I will find a way to have, to use and to ENJOY my bottle of ROSE OIL. Thank you for reminding me and enlightening me about this most powerful oil. Barbara

  4. Gen said

    Hi just wanted to thank you for this post. I knew about rose oil, but had forgotten all the properties of comfort. I will be passing this on as my family just lost my sister in law. Thank you so much. Also just wanted to say I really like the way rose petals (organic and pesticide free of course) taste. Great to pop one in your mouth every once in a while. A practice I picked up from watching Shazzie. Anyway, thank you for the great information. Will be hoping to use this also in my yoga practices. =D

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