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Interview with Paula

Paula from Happysnappy had some wonderful questions for me to answer all the way from South America! Hola Paula! We definitely share a love of children, a happy life and Dora!


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1) As all couching books say, let´s start where you are. Exactly where you are: your computer. What do you have as a desktop image? Why did you choose that one? Do you change it often? (I know this is a multiple questions question *wink* )

I have a world clock showing me the time of different countries  in the world with which I am in some way  connected. I love having a connection to the world when I open my computer and knowing which part of the day it is  in different countries around the world. It certainly helps my vision of one day helping people all over the world!
2)       You are typing with your hands. How do your hands react when there is an animal near? Do they go forward to caress? Do they go up in protection?

I witnessed an ugly incident as a child in Uganda with a police dog and since then I am not too fond of dogs but I am also not as terrified as I used to be.  My hand will reach out for other animals.

3)       What makes your heart go faster? What tickles you?

Living Life makes my heart go faster. I am so grateful for this gift and drink deeply from it everyday. There is so much to delight in. Bright Sunshine, colorful rainbows, lush greenery, beautiful flowers galore, kind people, singing birds, an abundance of delicious food, heart soaring music, transcending books, magical synchronicites, uplifting art, never ending discoveries………..

My 9 year daughter tickles me. She is the clown in my life and makes me laugh with her silly jokes and antics.

4)       Talking about tickles and tummies, who taught you how to cook? Which are your cooking influences?

I taught myself! Really! I cooked my first meal when I was 12. My parents were late coming home and I thought of making lunch for the family. I made Roesti and eggs, a typical Swiss specialty as we had just moved to Switzerland. I then fell in love with cooking books and made dishes from all over the world. My favorite dishes were from the Meditteranean region and India. Till to this day they remain my favorite influences. I will take an idea from a recipe and make it my own by tweaking it.

5)       We´ve arrived all the way down to your toes.  “Walk the talk” What do you teach with your example?

I would love to think that I live by example that happiness is a choice we make. No matter what is going on I choose to see the bright side of Life and always remain grateful for this gift. There is a spiritual solution to every problem. I also take good care of myself and teach others to put themselves first. Whatever we do for ourselves ultimately benefits the greater good! I am totally into Natural Health and empower people with the knowledge of how to take care of ourselves and our loved ones naturally.  I like to live my Divine Magnificence and help others live theirs.

Grazias Paula for putting together this interview. I loved answering the questions.


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