Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender field in Provence, France Pictures, Images and Photos

I first tried and fell in love with Lavender when I was living in a village in Switzerland. I had just started my first job in Zurich and was so excited about the Big City and my job there. Lavender helped calm me in the evening and gave me a good night’s sleep. While commuting 1 hour every morning to Zurich I would be the only one wide awake while everyone else was nodding off.

Lavender reminds me of the beautiful landscape in Provence,  South of France. I consider it a blessing to hold the energy of lavender fields or for that matter any essential oil in the palm of my hand and benefit from its many healing benefits.

Lavender oil  restores balance to the mind and body so that healing can take place. It soothes and supports the Qi energy of the heart and is helpful for nervous tension and high blood pressure. It is prized since antiquity for its fresh, soft fragrance.

Lavender has pain relieving properties and will help with headaches, menstrual pain and aching muscles. A lavender compress on the forehead and eyes is deeply relaxing.

It is great for fevers, sore throats and  coughs.

Lavender can be used for infants for colic and irritability and a drop in a bath will calm down a cranky baby.    Children love the fragrance of lavender oil.

It is valuable for skin conditions because of it’s soothing properites. It is excellent for regenerating skin . It can be used in creams, oils and facial masks. It is also really nice as  facial steam or used with a wash cloth to wash the face. It is also helpful with hairloss. I usually combine with other essential oils for that purpose. My clients have had excellent results on healing surgery wounds with lavender oil. Please see below for the only oil I recommend.   It is also absolutely miraculous for healing burns. I have been thankful so many times for its effectiveness.

Lavender is great for an over-active brain at night helping to calm strong emotions.

It is also great for allowing self expression by soothing underlying trauma.

It is exactly because of the multi dimensional effect that I was attracted to Aromatherapy. Essential oils have enriched my life and helped me help so many.

I highly recommend the therapeutic grade oils by Young Living. Check out the stunning pictures of their Lavender farms here.



  1. Hasina Champsi said


    Thank you for introducing me to this special essential oil. In my Family,lavender is used extensively. We simply love the frangrance at the same time its positive effect.


  2. Shemin said

    I love lavender too! The picture so beautiful…..really enjoy your blog!

    Thank you!


  3. Jamie said

    I haven’t even had a chance yet to come by and thank you so much for the adrenal exhaustion article. It was so interesting and helpful. And thank you for the acknowledgement re 12 Secrets. It’s always a joy to journey with you, Fatma.

    That’s why I’m stopping by to let you know I’ve given you an award 🙂

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