12 Secrets – Secret 12

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Yeah! We are at the last Chapter of the 12 Secrets. I would like to thank Jamie for her contribution in making this happen. Hey Jamie, I so appreciate your creative ideas and totally look forward to what you are up to next!

I also want to thank all the participants for being part of this Circle. Your unique contributions is what makes this so much fun.

Chapter 12 is about planning to achieve your Goals.

I always used to aim  low when setting my Goals. Learning about the Law of Attraction helped me to understand that I just need to know what and why I want something. The HOW is upto the Universe. This truly helps open up to the possibilities within us. We are inspired to do what we have never done and so grow into this delicious expansion that is our Journey of Life. For myself it is my deepest joy to help people on this Journey and help them step into their Magnificence.  I love people to connect with the Joy that is inherent within each one of us. This is my Personal Creativity Creed.

I find it very helpful to have written goals.  I love doing so many things and can get scattered with my focus. Putting my goals in writing helps me to align my focus with what I really want to bring forth. I also love Jack Canfield’s Rule of 5. What 5 things can I do everyday to advance towards my goals? These can be small things as each one takes you closer to your goals. I also love Raymond Aaron’s statement: When you write down your goals, they happen “automagically“. Bob Proctor recommends carrying a goal card in your pocket and looking at it frequently. During my workshops I teach that setting goals is not about the goals. It is about who we become while achieving our goals. Gotta love this.

There is a great “Plan for today” sheet in this chapter. It is a great tool to help keep in touch daily and keeping in focus where you want to go.

Wishing you all a wonderful Journey of growing more of who you really are!


  1. D said

    I love the image and the idea of written goals. I couldn’t agree more.

  2. No, it’s not about the goals. I love that end statement!

  3. I love my lists. When people ask me how I get so much done I say, “Make a List!” Can you believe how quickly these 12 weeks have gone? It has been a lovely journey. I can’t wait for The Next Chapter.

  4. Same to you sweetheart. 🙂 You are a path to Joy.

  5. Genie Sea said

    If you built it, they will come! 🙂

  6. Lissa said

    I love that “Automagically” thanks for passing that along. It has been a pleasure getting to know you throughout this journey. You have helped re-ignite my Law Of Attraction Magnet! Thanks:)

  7. Automagically! How wonderful! i love that!

    Thanks for sharing your stories and this journey! Hope our paths cross along the way!

  8. Rose said

    LOVE THIS!!! Thank you for the great post?

    Does any one know where to find the “Plan for Today” sheet talked about at the end of the post??

  9. loverawfood said

    Thank you so much for all your uplifting comments.

    Rose, you will find the “Plan for Today” sheet in the last chapter of the book.

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