Adrenal Exhaustion

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Jamie left a comment asking if I had tips for Adrenal Exhaustion. Thank you for asking Jamie. Here they are.

Almost everyone leaving a modern fast paced life exhibits some signs of adrenal exhaustion. I also see babies and children displaying these symptoms. These tips in general will help you live your best life.

It is important to go to bed by 10 pm. (I have not met one client who does.) Sleep is very healing and essential. Your sleep will usually be restless if you have exhausted adrenals. Try to have a calming down period before bedtime. Essentials oils and herbs are wonderful helpers as is journaling. Adrenals are replenished during sleep.Vitamin C is very beneficial for this. I am very particular about the supplements I recommend and always prefer them to be from a natural source. Vitamin C  from Acerola Berry or Amla is great. Valerian,Chamomile and Passionflower can be taken in tea or tincture form for their soothing properites.

When you become clear about your life, you will know to say yes to what matters and no to what takes away from the quality of your best life. What is the ideal life you want for yourself?

Eat a diet abundant in fresh and healthy produce. It is the fuel that  supports your body to thrive.

Create a balance between doing and being. Moments of quiet and peace are essential for healing and living a harmonious life.

Create a structure that supports you and your lifestyle. Your support can take the shape of family, friends, wellness consultants, meditation, the home you live in, the food you eat, the books you read, the places you frequent, the thoughts you think, the activities you enjoy and the spiritual faith you practice. Where in your life are you seeking more support? Start with one area. Living well is not a destination. It is a lifestyle. Relax and celebrate every step of the way.

Create your own JOY list and live more of what you have written down.

Like nature, the body thrives on Rhythm. Our bodies  loves regular routines like the same time for eating and sleeping as well as more organization in our daily living.

During a consultation I go into more detail and recommend specific remedies for healing depending on each person.

Your body is magical in its healing ability.


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  1. dawnsrays said

    Thank You for your wise words. . . I am happy to say that I follow quite a few of them. I will say that I could use more fresh fruits and veggies and with the warming weather I am sure to begin getting my fill.

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