I love Garlic

  Garlic Greens Pictures, Images and Photos

                                                                                                                                                                                    Picture courtesy Padma’s Kitchen.

Can girls talk Garlic? Well, that is exactly what I feel like doing today. I love Garlic. As I am of Indian origin, my memories of the aroma of garlic and spices cooking in the kitchen are among some of the favorites I have. Garlic was used in every curry. You could not make Indian food without Garlic. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and very high in sulfur, which is excellent for the liver. Organic Garlic is even higher in sulfur and tastes way better. It is of course more potent in its raw version. That makes it ideal for delicious raw soups, salads and dips. What would Guacamole be without the Garlic? How about Spinach Salad with Olive Oil and lots of Garlic. Mmmh. Not every bodytype tolerates Garlic well. You can try Garlic Greens which is a milder version.

Now that it is soon planting season I am really looking forward to planting Garlic Greens. Here in Toronto we still have frost till end April. 😦 I do not have green thumbs but the one thing I can grow easily is Garlic Greens. Just take cloves of garlic, remove the skin and push them an inch deep into the soil. Repeat with as many cloves as you want. I also surround my other plants with garlic for bug protection. You can use Garlic Greens like you do Garlic. In addition you also get chlorophyll and a taste that is so good. You can grow this indoors but nothing beats the outdoors version that is nurtured by sun energy and creates memories of warm summer days.

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  1. Jamie said

    Oh, wow, I’ve never tried garlic greens. I might give that a go this year!

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