12 Secrets – Secret 4


Secret 4 – Surrendering to Creative Cycles34241


It all began with meditating on which essential oil to use for the first gathering of  my new creative spark – The Sacred Circle of Tenderness – a year long transformational journey. The Sacred Circle is a once a month gathering for  self discovery and celebration. The oil that came up was a blend called Surrender. It is by Young Living the company whose essential oils I use. Very interesting. For to get all you have to give it all up. Letting go of something  creates space for something new. Since then the word has been coming up everywhere I turn including this Chapter of the 12 Secrets.

2 days ago I meditated on  it’s message  for me personally. Surrender tells me to not be so serious and to stop pushing so hard. It tells me to flow more, laugh more, be ridiculous and to take a nap. I surrender and will do what it guides me to do.  I surrender with infinite Love and Gratitude to the All that  is.

P.S. I cannot find my book as I sit down to write. Every book that I am currently reading is in front of me. I will write a follow up post to finish my thoughts on this chapter. For now I surrender.



  1. Lissa said

    “Letting go of something creates space for something new.” I so believe this is true.Good feng shui. Great post:)

  2. Lovely that there is an oil for Surrender!!! 🙂
    And lots of supportive vibes to you for taking naps and rolling with the flow and laughing and BEing… It feels soooo good to let go and flow!

  3. Genie said

    Thank the Universe for surrender! YAY that you found it! 🙂

  4. dawnsrays said

    Well, isn’t that nice that the universe gave you a moment to practice by misplacing your book. . .
    My therapist uses these oils and they smell divine.

  5. Surrender is perhaps the best word for love. Your description even more perfect.
    Enjoy your day.

    sending light and magic your way.

  6. jennlui said

    yay for surrendering and allowing everything to flow!!! i love what surrender has to tell you and the lessons it presents to us all… here’s to being ridiculous, taking more naps and being our fabulous selves without all the pushing!!! yay yay yay!!!

    ooohhh fatma!!! i am LOVING your blog and the wisdom you have to share!!! thank YOU!!!

    peace and love to you!!!

  7. How can we deny that which tells us to flow more, laugh more, be ridiculous and take a nap? We must surrender to it! And revel in it!

  8. esk said

    Laughing and taking naps – two of my favorite things to do 🙂 Surrender…

  9. Dia said

    don’t you love synchronicity?
    These are sweet oils. I love flower essences – no fragrance, but the energy of different flowers, the essence . . . I use them sporadically, as they call. Interesting to tap our resources in different ways, esp. when the books choose to ‘hide!’

  10. Lisa said

    surrendering napping and laughing. sounds like a good plan to me 😉

  11. claudia said

    Yes, living without resisting, empowering!

  12. miss*R said

    maybe I need some of that oil.. surrendering to life’s journey where ever it takes me.
    Your circle sounds fantastic!

  13. Suz said

    So well said! Surrendering to each wave of both creative and physical energies one day at a time is often the balm I need to recover creatively. Like the plant bulb, sometimes we must seperate ourselves from the stems and flowers we’ve wrought in order to allow an internal rejuvenation.

  14. Serena said

    I so agree, Fatma…..when we push against something are usually met with resistance. I believe in going with the flow too.

    Those essential oils sound dreamy and your Sacred Circle, divine ~

    love, light and peace,

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