12 Secrets – Secret 3


Today is about following your fascinations. Check out Jamie’s  12 secrets blog for more inspiration.

Mine began the day I picked up a book on Aromatherapy while on holiday in England in 1989. Can a little book change your life? Books have had a lot of influence in my life. My Dad had given me a book called “Radiant Health” when I was 10 that ignited an interest in our own healing. This particular book was “Aromatherapy for Women” by Maggie Tisserand. I was mesmerized by the names of plants like lavender, geranium, sandalwood and more. I was fascinated  how one essential oil could have so many properties and how so many things can be helped by Aromatherapy. In my heart rose the desire  to become an Aromatherapist. At that time it was a distant dream as I had my little son aged 1 1/2 and I was committed to being there for him. While committed to raising him I also realized that my mind was going crazy by not being challenged enough. I have a brain that is constantly full of ideas and I love learning. One day, 3 years later, I was looking in the telephone directory for a telephone number and I came across an ad for Aromatherapy courses. I was living in a small village near Zurich in Switzerland. I immediately dialled the number. The owner of the company told me that if I really wanted to do this thoroughly he recommended I go to England and gave me a contact number. (Thank you Universe)  I was so excited and soon I had made arrangements to attend training in England. Making arrangements for my children (now I had 2 sons) I made my way to England. My Mom flew over from Africa to help with my children.  What I discovered while learning  was me. I loved every minute of it. I stayed with my lovely cousin sister and wonderful brother in law who drove me every morning to school. I stayed for a week (more trainings followed) and then returned with my oils back home. My older son who was 5 now had always been having ear infections and colds. He was also almost every month on antibiotics. Half of the time he could not attend school. With Aromatherapy I found a solution. We have never used antibiotics or other medication again. He still got his ear infections (I found a further solution later on) but now I had something that helped him right away.  I walked, talked and lived Aromatherapy. I wrote my teacher a thank you letter saying that I felt like a fairy with a magic wand because my oils could make anyone feel better. A few months later we moved to the Qatar in the Middle East. I sat for 2 exams at the British Consulate there to finish my course. Soon I was giving my first talk at the home of the American Ambassodor in Doha, the British Women Group and so many others. I discovered I was intuitive and could make intuitive blends for my clients. Aromatherapy bought out the best in me.

To help my son further I started researching more ways to help him and discovered the power of foods to heal. I changed his diet which to me was a good one to start with. I was amazed to see the difference in him and a new desire was born. I wanted to study nutrition. It was 1995 by now and we were moving back to Switzerland. I loved introducing Aromatherapy to so many people and giving workshops (including one at the United Nations for the Women’s guild) and having a practice that brought me much joy.

In December 1997 we moved to Toronto. In my first week I picked up a health magazine and right in the front page was an ad for the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Of course I was on the phone right away inquiring about the course. My husband thought I was crazy but I signed up and 3 weeks after landing here I started the fast track version of the Course doing it in 6 months instead of an year. It was a freezing winter. I would drop the children to school and run to the bus stop to catch the bus. I would come back, pick them up, help them with their homework, make dinner and then sit down with my homework late into the night. I was still not feeling at home in this new environment, struggling with the freezing  weather and just stressed out from doing too much. I cried for six months. I graduated in fall 1997 and started to teach at the very same School I had studied. I now had a practice as an Aromatherapist and Nutritional Consultant and I learned many other tools along the way to help my clients.

In January 2007 I watched the Secret and loved learning about the Law of Attraction. I would never have thought that I would become a Law of Attraction Coach. Like the other courses it showed up and I just knew it was for me. I followed my heart again and last year I became a Certified Law of Attraction Coach. There were many many assignments and an intense exam. I did it while juggling everything else in my life.

What I have discovered is that I have always heeded my inner calling and it is my purpose to help others listen to their heart and follow their inner guidance. It is that inner calling that gives me the faith, courage  and determination to pursue my heart’s desire. And so when my inner guidance told me to reach out and help more people I heeded the call. I opened up on this blog hoping to help many who will never know me personally but will hopefully be inspired to make changes in their lives. I still have a lot left to do and I gladly and courageously walk my path. I want to empower women, men and children to be in touch with their feminine sides for nurturing and healing comes from the Divine Feminine in each one of us. Barack Obama splendidly shows that side of him and it is this part that has been missing for so long and that  the  world is so deeply yearning  for. It is time for all of us to heal the part that we have given little attention to. The time, the planet, the people are all too ready for it.

Please follow your fascinations because it will help you become more of who you are and lead you to  share your unique gifts with others. The Universe is on your side.  It is when you give to yourself first that you will have plenty to give to others. For the seeds of your dreams will grow out into the Collective Heart. When you stumble and fall, keep your eyes on your vision. Know that God’s light will  help you stand up and carry on. From my heart to yours, may you know that you are powerful beyond measure and that you are the best thing in your life today.



  1. blisschick said

    It’s always so uplifting and inspiring to read stories of people who never hesitate to listen to their hearts, who have such profound faith in their inner callings. 🙂

  2. Kim H said

    Wow! What a wonderful story you have to tell Fatma. I would LOVE to have you speak at our Int. Women’s Group here in Tirana! It woul be fascinating I’m sure.

    YES! Follow Our Fascinations— they are what makes us Fascinating!

  3. martie said

    What a fascinating life you are enjoying! It was certainly an inspiration to follow your path. Hats off to you – you are most assuredly a risk taker!

  4. Lisa said

    Everytime you tell us more about your “real” life, I am just hanging on the edge of my seat. You really have followed your fascinations, and I noticed you didn’t even bother to reference the book’s talk about risk, because it is so much part of your nature to be bold and courageous.

    You have lived an amazing life, with so much more to come … goodness, I can’t wait to see where your heart leads you next in this big wide universe you are so at home in.

  5. Patti said

    You have followed your fascinations with guidance from your heart, taken risks and received such great rewards. Very inspirational!

  6. tanaya said

    You really are fascinating! A woman who follows her heart and her intuition isa woman to be reckoned with!

  7. Belle said

    I love the story of where your fascinations have lead you. This is such a reminder to me to honour all of my fascinations – and I have so many of them!

  8. Such a fantastic post. I absolutely LOVED hearing your stories of how you followed your fascinations, oh the places they have taken you. I had no idea aromatherapy could heal in that way. I am very scent-sensitive so I find this so shocking, LOL. But I know what a healer you are.

    Thank you for also sharing your story of your shock when you moved to Toronto. That happened to me when I was a young girl too, we moved from Quebec and the culture shock was something I never recovered from. I’m glad your home is your sanctuary and that you are happy there, that is so very important.

  9. lisa said

    what an amazing story. congratulations on following your intuition.

  10. miss*R said

    WOW. I am speechless.

    will be back after I get through such a powerful inspiring post xo

  11. Beautiful!!!!
    The Universe is on your side.
    love to you!

  12. lisa said

    So inspiring! Thank you!

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