The 12 Secrets – Secret 2

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Today is about honoring our inspirations.

I will share my answers to the questions in this chapter.

When did your creative awakening or reawakening occur? I like to think I have always been creative. I would always find a way to occupy myself with very little.

What talents do you have naturally? Making the best of what I have at hand. Being able to put together a meal or dish with whatever is at hand. Being intuitive and knowing how to follow my heart/inner star leading me to helping others follow theirs.

Which elements (fire, water, wood, air) draw you toward them? Hmm, all of them. I believe they all contribute to a harmonious life.

What activates your creative energy, and what drains it? Life in all its nuances is my inspiration. I am stubborn and unstoppable when I want to create.

Do you use creative rituals? I love writing down my ideas and inspirations.  I also ask for divine guidance. It works wonders.

Does Nature influence your creativity? Absolutely. I am thankfully surrounded by it. I would be like someone lost in the desert without water without it.

What has been your greatest creative hurdle so far? Love this question! As I am stepping up in my career I am looking for the most authentic way to put myself out there. One that has ME written all over it.

What time of day are you most receptive to inspiration? ALL the time. I have found though that I have some of my greatest inspiration at 4 am in the morning.

I always associated being creative with being an artist as in  you had to create music, buildings, paintings etc. I now consider everyone an artist. We are the Creator of  the masterpiece of our  own lives.  All of us are special. We are here foremost to honor and be ourselves. For within our uniqueness lies the very gifts we are seeking. Here is to the gifts in each one of you. YOU are SPECIAL!


  1. dawnsrays said

    I absolutely agree that we are ALL creative. Your picture of the beautiful colors is very inspirational. Makes me want to grab my crayons and go to town!

  2. artyem said

    oh those colors – I am just eating them in!

  3. Lisa said

    Oh Fatma! I love your big, bold, self confident answers. What time of day are you most wonderful? All the time! Yes you are.

  4. nashima said

    hi fatma! love reading your wonderful posts. i had not heard of ‘soul coaching’ before, but thanks to you i am starting the 28-day program : )
    thanks for all the wonderful, heartfelt information.

  5. lisa said

    Yummy colors! Amazing answers. Thank you!

  6. Genie said

    Yes! There is creativity in every one of us. We are reflections of the universe that begot us, and how can we not take after our parent? 🙂

  7. Love this! Wow, you’re creative any time of the day? That’s amazing. Stubborn and unstoppable…fantastic! I love those elements of you. I’m glad you inspire from your home, that is such a beautiful thing.

  8. jennlui said

    YOU are fabulous!!! i love your answers!!! they would resemble mine… except for the putting together a dish with anything on hand… i’m awful in the kitchen… hee hee!!! but paper glitter and paint…. now that’s a different story!!! ha ha ha!!!

    i too find that writing down all my ideas is really inspiring and moves me to create even more so!!! yay yay yay!!!

    thank YOU for sharing and here is to all of our gifts!!!
    peace and love

  9. Lisa said

    I’m back to leave you much love and a big kiss for the lovely comment you left me. Thank you so, I needed that!

  10. nashima said

    Thanks for stopping by Fatma!
    And you are right, there is no such thing as too much love : )

  11. writeb8 said

    lovely post! 🙂

  12. Kim H said

    You’re not only an awesome artist– you ARE art!

  13. Jamie Lees said

    Love the photo! Great post. You have very positive energy.


  14. claudia said

    Wonderful post!
    You won a collage mobile in my draw a while back. Please send me your mail address at “” so I can send it to you.

  15. miss*R said

    ahh the 4am creative spurt! oh yes, how I know that.. if I could only drag myself awake to write it all down.. those colours are magnificent, I drink them in 🙂

  16. Kristine said

    great photo!

  17. starshyne said

    You are an inner star. Shining. Leading from your heart. Sharing your bright message with the world.

  18. Serena said

    I totally agree, Fatma….we are all creators. I loved reading your answers on Secret 2.

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