Plant your Dreams for 2009!

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I am really looking forward to my next event  this Wednesday in Toronto. I am committed to helping myself and others live our greatness.

If you would like more information, please email me at fatmazaidi at



Have you stopped dreaming or believing in the dreams you have?


Within an acorn lies a mighty oak tree, within each one of us  lies the potential of a whole Universe.


Now is your time  to start dreaming big and believing again. Come and plant your dreams and your seeds of hope as I show you the principles to nourish and bring them to life. Let 2009 be the year you dream BIG and love BIG.


Let us ignite our passions and get ready to soar into the vision of our fuller expression. For within us lies pure potential for our dreams.


Learn about


Soul Goals

Deliberate Creation



and so much more!


You will leave with your Vision Board for 2009. The only limits will be the limits you set for yourself. When you illuminate the wisdom of your heart anything is possible.




  1. dawnsrays said

    Sounds like lots of FUN!

  2. jennlui said

    oh wow, your event sounds fabulous!!! YAY 2009!!! hee hee!!!

    thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful and supportive comment on my blog, and YES it is time for us goddesses to unite and celebrate!!! how perfect is that!!!

    peace and love

  3. Lisa said

    gosh I wish I could come to these events you put on.

  4. Paula - Buenos Aires said

    Dream big! 🙂 Will be thinking of you on Wednesday and sharing the event from down South.

  5. Paula - Buenos Aires said

    I think this type of projects should be encouraged, so I gave you an encouragement award. 🙂

    Here you have it at my cyber place:

  6. miss*R said

    sounds fantastic and if I lived nearer I would be coming for sure!

  7. Sounds wonderful and super powerful to me! May all those wishes, visions and dreams come true. Collective energy is powerful.

  8. Dia said

    Delightful – I love vision boards & dreaming – & adore your use of COLOUR!! Ooo, inspires me to do the same on my bloggin,


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