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12 Secrets – Secret 4


Secret 4 – Surrendering to Creative Cycles34241


It all began with meditating on which essential oil to use for the first gathering of  my new creative spark – The Sacred Circle of Tenderness – a year long transformational journey. The Sacred Circle is a once a month gathering for  self discovery and celebration. The oil that came up was a blend called Surrender. It is by Young Living the company whose essential oils I use. Very interesting. For to get all you have to give it all up. Letting go of something  creates space for something new. Since then the word has been coming up everywhere I turn including this Chapter of the 12 Secrets.

2 days ago I meditated on  it’s message  for me personally. Surrender tells me to not be so serious and to stop pushing so hard. It tells me to flow more, laugh more, be ridiculous and to take a nap. I surrender and will do what it guides me to do.  I surrender with infinite Love and Gratitude to the All that  is.

P.S. I cannot find my book as I sit down to write. Every book that I am currently reading is in front of me. I will write a follow up post to finish my thoughts on this chapter. For now I surrender.


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A magnificent life!

The magnificence of flight Pictures, Images and Photos 

I have noticed that since the Soul Coaching group my blog format has changed. I intend to post more tips and inspiration like I used to.

Here is an affirmation by Paul Hoffman that I love. His writing beautifully reflects  what I feel.

In my dreams I see magnificence and excellence
I know this is who I AM
Every day and everyway I stay open to the call of my heart
I AM here to serve the highest good of all
All my decisions are centered in the principle of love and service
In each moment of my day I choose to be who I AM
As I live my life with enthusiasm, confidence and commitment to my purpose.

Savor each moment and have a magnificent day!

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12 Secrets – Secret 3


Today is about following your fascinations. Check out Jamie’s  12 secrets blog for more inspiration.

Mine began the day I picked up a book on Aromatherapy while on holiday in England in 1989. Can a little book change your life? Books have had a lot of influence in my life. My Dad had given me a book called “Radiant Health” when I was 10 that ignited an interest in our own healing. This particular book was “Aromatherapy for Women” by Maggie Tisserand. I was mesmerized by the names of plants like lavender, geranium, sandalwood and more. I was fascinated  how one essential oil could have so many properties and how so many things can be helped by Aromatherapy. In my heart rose the desire  to become an Aromatherapist. At that time it was a distant dream as I had my little son aged 1 1/2 and I was committed to being there for him. While committed to raising him I also realized that my mind was going crazy by not being challenged enough. I have a brain that is constantly full of ideas and I love learning. One day, 3 years later, I was looking in the telephone directory for a telephone number and I came across an ad for Aromatherapy courses. I was living in a small village near Zurich in Switzerland. I immediately dialled the number. The owner of the company told me that if I really wanted to do this thoroughly he recommended I go to England and gave me a contact number. (Thank you Universe)  I was so excited and soon I had made arrangements to attend training in England. Making arrangements for my children (now I had 2 sons) I made my way to England. My Mom flew over from Africa to help with my children.  What I discovered while learning  was me. I loved every minute of it. I stayed with my lovely cousin sister and wonderful brother in law who drove me every morning to school. I stayed for a week (more trainings followed) and then returned with my oils back home. My older son who was 5 now had always been having ear infections and colds. He was also almost every month on antibiotics. Half of the time he could not attend school. With Aromatherapy I found a solution. We have never used antibiotics or other medication again. He still got his ear infections (I found a further solution later on) but now I had something that helped him right away.  I walked, talked and lived Aromatherapy. I wrote my teacher a thank you letter saying that I felt like a fairy with a magic wand because my oils could make anyone feel better. A few months later we moved to the Qatar in the Middle East. I sat for 2 exams at the British Consulate there to finish my course. Soon I was giving my first talk at the home of the American Ambassodor in Doha, the British Women Group and so many others. I discovered I was intuitive and could make intuitive blends for my clients. Aromatherapy bought out the best in me.

To help my son further I started researching more ways to help him and discovered the power of foods to heal. I changed his diet which to me was a good one to start with. I was amazed to see the difference in him and a new desire was born. I wanted to study nutrition. It was 1995 by now and we were moving back to Switzerland. I loved introducing Aromatherapy to so many people and giving workshops (including one at the United Nations for the Women’s guild) and having a practice that brought me much joy.

In December 1997 we moved to Toronto. In my first week I picked up a health magazine and right in the front page was an ad for the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Of course I was on the phone right away inquiring about the course. My husband thought I was crazy but I signed up and 3 weeks after landing here I started the fast track version of the Course doing it in 6 months instead of an year. It was a freezing winter. I would drop the children to school and run to the bus stop to catch the bus. I would come back, pick them up, help them with their homework, make dinner and then sit down with my homework late into the night. I was still not feeling at home in this new environment, struggling with the freezing  weather and just stressed out from doing too much. I cried for six months. I graduated in fall 1997 and started to teach at the very same School I had studied. I now had a practice as an Aromatherapist and Nutritional Consultant and I learned many other tools along the way to help my clients.

In January 2007 I watched the Secret and loved learning about the Law of Attraction. I would never have thought that I would become a Law of Attraction Coach. Like the other courses it showed up and I just knew it was for me. I followed my heart again and last year I became a Certified Law of Attraction Coach. There were many many assignments and an intense exam. I did it while juggling everything else in my life.

What I have discovered is that I have always heeded my inner calling and it is my purpose to help others listen to their heart and follow their inner guidance. It is that inner calling that gives me the faith, courage  and determination to pursue my heart’s desire. And so when my inner guidance told me to reach out and help more people I heeded the call. I opened up on this blog hoping to help many who will never know me personally but will hopefully be inspired to make changes in their lives. I still have a lot left to do and I gladly and courageously walk my path. I want to empower women, men and children to be in touch with their feminine sides for nurturing and healing comes from the Divine Feminine in each one of us. Barack Obama splendidly shows that side of him and it is this part that has been missing for so long and that  the  world is so deeply yearning  for. It is time for all of us to heal the part that we have given little attention to. The time, the planet, the people are all too ready for it.

Please follow your fascinations because it will help you become more of who you are and lead you to  share your unique gifts with others. The Universe is on your side.  It is when you give to yourself first that you will have plenty to give to others. For the seeds of your dreams will grow out into the Collective Heart. When you stumble and fall, keep your eyes on your vision. Know that God’s light will  help you stand up and carry on. From my heart to yours, may you know that you are powerful beyond measure and that you are the best thing in your life today.

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Make a wish

>wish Pictures, Images and Photos

I am taking part in Jamie’s Wishcasting Wednesday for the first time.

I have a lovely wish box in which I put my wishes.

I also  love this idea of people coming together to wish for each other. So I send my wish out into a sparkly infinite Universe.

Jamie asks: What do you wish for your space?

I wish to have my very own home office. In this sacred space I create extraordinary services  that will uplift, empower and inspire countless people. There is so much beauty and inspiration here and my heart sings wherever I look.  It is clean and organized. I find whatever I need immediately. The space around me supports me to be the very best I can be so that I can be of most service to this wonderful planet

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The 12 Secrets – Secret 2

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Today is about honoring our inspirations.

I will share my answers to the questions in this chapter.

When did your creative awakening or reawakening occur? I like to think I have always been creative. I would always find a way to occupy myself with very little.

What talents do you have naturally? Making the best of what I have at hand. Being able to put together a meal or dish with whatever is at hand. Being intuitive and knowing how to follow my heart/inner star leading me to helping others follow theirs.

Which elements (fire, water, wood, air) draw you toward them? Hmm, all of them. I believe they all contribute to a harmonious life.

What activates your creative energy, and what drains it? Life in all its nuances is my inspiration. I am stubborn and unstoppable when I want to create.

Do you use creative rituals? I love writing down my ideas and inspirations.  I also ask for divine guidance. It works wonders.

Does Nature influence your creativity? Absolutely. I am thankfully surrounded by it. I would be like someone lost in the desert without water without it.

What has been your greatest creative hurdle so far? Love this question! As I am stepping up in my career I am looking for the most authentic way to put myself out there. One that has ME written all over it.

What time of day are you most receptive to inspiration? ALL the time. I have found though that I have some of my greatest inspiration at 4 am in the morning.

I always associated being creative with being an artist as in  you had to create music, buildings, paintings etc. I now consider everyone an artist. We are the Creator of  the masterpiece of our  own lives.  All of us are special. We are here foremost to honor and be ourselves. For within our uniqueness lies the very gifts we are seeking. Here is to the gifts in each one of you. YOU are SPECIAL!

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Yeah! An Award!



Paula – Thank you so much for the award. You absolutey encouraged me from down in South America! I love how we are all coming together globally. The world needs us to encourage and cheer each other on.

Here are the rules as defined by Paula. I love her happysnappy rewording.

1). Post a link of the person who gave you this award, thank profusely the love shown.  
2). Nominate 5 other fabulous people and give a link to their wonderful sites. Those persons deserve their coolness and gentleness to be recognized all over the world. 
3). Let your nominees know that they got an award from you. Shower them with appreciation.
4). Put a logo of the award on the side bar. Grin like a lunatic. Ask everybody in your household to have a look and celebrate together. Phone somebody you care about and tell them the news. Keep celebrating.

Rules are meant to be broken, right?

I would love to pass on the award to the 12 secrets group. The group consists of over 100 women. I encourage each one of you to let your creativity gush forth from you from the eternal well deep within.

Here is to all your creativity and your unique gifts! 🙂

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Plant your Dreams for 2009!

dream Pictures, Images and Photos

I am really looking forward to my next event  this Wednesday in Toronto. I am committed to helping myself and others live our greatness.

If you would like more information, please email me at fatmazaidi at



Have you stopped dreaming or believing in the dreams you have?


Within an acorn lies a mighty oak tree, within each one of us  lies the potential of a whole Universe.


Now is your time  to start dreaming big and believing again. Come and plant your dreams and your seeds of hope as I show you the principles to nourish and bring them to life. Let 2009 be the year you dream BIG and love BIG.


Let us ignite our passions and get ready to soar into the vision of our fuller expression. For within us lies pure potential for our dreams.


Learn about


Soul Goals

Deliberate Creation



and so much more!


You will leave with your Vision Board for 2009. The only limits will be the limits you set for yourself. When you illuminate the wisdom of your heart anything is possible.


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