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Sunshine in a glass

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Are you feeling the blues? Then you have to try this recipe. Sunshine in a glass is the easiest recipe you will ever try and it will certainly brighten your day.

Wash a ripe cantaloupe as bacteria can grow on most melons. Then cut it up and put the chunks in a blender. No need to add any water. Blend and enjoy the smooth and velvety texture and delight in the sunshiny taste and color!

One cup of cantaloupe is just 56 calories, but provides 103.2% of the daily value for vitamin A and 112, 5% of vitamin C. Both vitamin A and beta-carotene are important vision nutrients.

Nicholas Perrcione, author of the Wrinkle Cure considers cantaloupe an essential ingredient for beautiful skin.

Try it out and let me know how you like it. I love it!


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I say YES to the Universe!


My friend Andrea has an exciting I say YES to the Universe campaign going on.

Saying YES to the Universe means…

  • You are saying YES to life, to happiness, to fulfillment, and possibility
  • You are ready to be open to receive what life has to offer you
  • You are ready to contribute to the lives of others and make a difference
  • The change begins within YOU and you take full responsibility for your life
  • You want to have MORE happiness, prosperity, abundance and peace in your life
  • You want to stop struggling and start living!

Andrea has put together bonuses worth over US$ 2000 if you purchase a I say YES to the Universe button. My ebook “Raw Fiesta” is one of the bonuses of her campaign. If you would love a copy just hop over and get a button to remind you to say YES to the Universe! And why not get some more buttons to surprise friends and family too? Whey you say YES to Life, Life says YES to you!

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2008 Insight Journal Retreat

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I am really excited about my new upcoming event – 2008 Insight Journal Retreat.

If you are in Toronto and would love to take part and register, please email me at fatmazaidi at



2008 Insight Journal Retreat


I am excited to bring you my new event! 2008 has been an year of immense level of growth for me on all levels. It is the year with an energy of the number 1 which brings changes on a deeper soul level to everyone globally. Whatever I learn directly benefits you. I will share my own 2008 review with you.


Within a sacred space of the retreat I will be leading you through a series of powerful questions that will help you understand what you got out of 2008. What will you carry forward and what you will let go off.


Life is a journey of self discovery and expansion. Part of this exercise will be continued at home. The insight and transparency you gain through self discovery helps you live a more fuller and richer life that will ripple out into  the collective consciousness.


We will end by making a Vision Card showing the insights you gained. You will be taking that with you as  a visual reminder. The group energy and the coaching always magnifies the insights you gain.


Looking forward to helping you get ready for a fresh and exciting 2009 with the wisdom you gained from 2008.


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