Soul Coaching – Day 28

ThankYou Pictures, Images and PhotosThe last day or the continuing  of this equisite journey?!

I would love to thank:

Laura West Howard through whose blog I found Jamie

Jamie for initiating this journey – You are a Shyning Star in the Universe

The Soul SiSTARS – You created a circle of love that allowed me to express myself in a way I have not done before.

Denise Linn – You radiate sacredness and have taught me much.

The Universe for delivering miracles and synchronicites every day

My family – You Light up my Life in every imaginable way

My Soul-self – for allowing my God-given Light to shine

Today’s Level 1 exercise is how I have felt during this journey with the Soul Coaching circle.

Level 2 is about Opening Your Heart of Light. Every morning I begin the day with sending blessings and love to my family and then radiating it into the world. I loved adding the light part to it and will continue to do so for my daily blessings.

Love and Light from my heart to yours.


  1. Jamie said

    You are a light in this world, Fatma. May you be showered with blessings.

    Thank you so much for your acknowledgement. It makes my heart smile.


  2. Genie said

    I would like to thank you, Fatma, for being one of the shining lights in our journey 🙂

  3. Lisa said

    Ah Fatma! The one who was there beside me with her wise and gentle comments. The one who has created, even before this circle, such a balanced and joyful life and work. The one who sent me a reading that touched my heart, that told me I was loved by the universe. I have felt love from you every step of our way. Thank you for all the insight and joy and wisdom you have shared with us, especially with me (because I am self centered!)
    Lisa (Kavindra)

  4. Nicole said

    I feel blessed to have shared this journey with you Fatma. Thank you! Blessings to you, Nicole x

  5. Serena said

    It has been a privilege and a blessing to share this journey with you, Fatma. I will continue to ‘visit’ your lovely blog and know that you are indeed a shining Light in this magnificent world.

    love, light and peace,

  6. Thanks for all the messages along our way. It was always a pleasure to hear from you.

  7. pen* said

    and i would like to thank you too… always a voice of encouragement, support and inspiration. it’s been an honour to share this journey with you.

  8. dawnsrays said

    I did #2, too. (that sounds so wrong, sorry). It was so much fun that I am going to practice it everyday! new commitment!!

    Thank you for sharing all you love with me, too. It was much appreciated. (I have really limited my chocolate this week, thanks).


  9. Dia said

    Oh, Fatma, lovely post of thanksgiving! I wish I could recall how I came here – think I found art every day month first . . .

    What a lovely, calm source of inspiration & depth you are!

    Many blessings

  10. I am grateful we connected Fatma and for all your wisdom and support. You have truly been an amazing online friend, thank you so much. Your light shines so bright.

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