Soul Coaching – Day 26

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A Home for the Soul

Having a Home for my Soul is a big priority for me. It is my intention to create a home that makes my heart sing as well as offer comfort, love and joy to my family and those who bless us with their presence. With this being a time of transformation for me as I am moving into my greater expression , I am recreating my environment  to reflect my vision.

I would love to pass on a tip. What is it that you would like to experience, be or have and is your environment reflecting it? If you desire to be healthy is your kitchen and  the rest of your home reflecting it for your mind, body and soul? Is what you are wanting showing up in your environment. One of my favorite Law of Attraction quote is that  we never get it all done. So relax and enjoy where you are and get excited about all that is coming your way.

Here is a previous post I had written on the house of belonging.

I also love the beautiful community and space of the Soul Coaching Group. Thank you so very much for nourishing my heart.


  1. Such a pretty sign, so homey. 🙂 It´s sweet, with rich colours and nature feeling.

  2. Genie Sea said

    Oh awesome tip and way of looking at things! Thank you! I too love the sign 🙂

  3. I will miss this circle. There are many wise women here. We are obviously vibrating similarly and attracted each other.

  4. Allison said

    Such a calming post as I’m looking at my ‘to do’ list from today (half completed). What a ride!

  5. miss*R said

    a year or so ago, I set out to make my home a peaceful sanctuary – and I have achieved it. I walk in the door and peace washes over my body.
    I, like Gemma will miss our circle but I hope that you & I will keep in touch xoxo

  6. “I am recreating my environment to reflect my vision.” Excellent! And good questions. I’ve had a hard time figuring out what my vision is but it’s getting better.

    This journey has been amazing hasn’t it?! I’m so glad I have met all of you. It’s been wonderful and I love that we’re changing our lives for the better altogether.

  7. Jamie said

    I’m so excited for you that you’re recreating your space to reflect your new and expanded vision! How magnificent! It will be wonderful to see what happens.

    And I just love and appreciate the reminder to relax and enjoy because the goal isn’t to “get it all done.” That feels like a big sigh. Thank you!

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