Soul Coaching – Day 23

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I love today’s affirmation: My mind, body and spirit are clear channels for Love. And so it is.

I love detoxing. As a Nutritional Consultant I have become a Detox specialist. Detox of  is so crucial to radiant health of mind, body and soul.

Here are some  earlier postings on my blog you might enjoy:

Dry skin brushing

Abhyanga – Ayuvedic daily massage

Lemon Essential Oil

Tools for Transformation

I bless my water and food with Infinite Love and Gratitude. In our family it was instilled in us to do that before we drink or eat or for that reason do anything.   If we forgot then we could do it as we remember. How blessed are we to partake of the earth’s abundance.

Prayers and  blessings do effect the structure of water and thus the structure of the water in our body. We are 70 % water.

Infinite Love and Gratitude to You.


  1. miss*R said

    I have been blessing my water for a few months now.. something that a friend did for me long distance at first.
    Now when I bless it, I see all these effervescent bubbles coming up out of the water spilling over my hands, it is amazing!

    I love self massage, something that I am fairly new at but I am learning!
    thanks for the links!
    have a wonderful week with Earth xo

  2. loverawfood said

    Thank you Robyn. I am so glad you bless your water, for it ripples out into the Collective Consciousness.

    For the Abhyanga, sesame is great for pitta. Do you use an organic version?
    I am Vata Pitta and have found olive oil to work best for me.

    Thank you so much for trying to subscribe to my newsletter. I am building another website to reflect more of all that I do. I will have it up a few weeks and will keep you posted so you can receive the newsletter then.

  3. Thank you for all the information provided. Very interesting. I´ll be following many links here. 🙂

  4. Jenny said

    Love and infinite and abundant gratitude/appreciate for your words and presence. . .
    xo Jenny

  5. Lisa said

    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us today (and every day of course) I was sceptical of today’s soul coaching until I read your links as well as some other folks.

    I’m going to start blessing my food and water, we are so lucky to partake of all this abundance!

  6. Jamie said

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Fatma. You aer a treasure.

  7. dawnsrays said

    I LOVE Water!!! I love it. It is practically all I drink (a cup of joe in the a.m. and some hot tea in the afternoon but the rest is WATER).

  8. Genie Sea said

    Thank you for all the valuable advice! 🙂

  9. What a beautiful, happy and healthy post this is! Sounds like detoxing is right up your alley.

  10. miss*R said

    I just had to come and tell you that I have been reading over your blog.. and I absolutely love it. thank YOU xoxo
    I do use organic sesame oil – actually most of my food is organic now.. as much as i can get. I am not quite sure if I am Vata/Pitta or Pitta/Vata – is there a difference? I love Ayurveda and am hoping to a workshop in it next year for personnal use.
    after this soul coaching is finished, I look forward to visiting here and learning more from your amazing blog xoxo

  11. loverawfood said

    Paula, Jenny, Suzie, Genie Sea, Jamie, Dawn, Lisa – Thank you so much. You inspire me to keep writing.

    Robyn – Thank you for the love you radiate. Yes Vata Pitta or Pitta Vata are 2 different body types. I can email you more info.

    I am sure you will enjoy the blog.

    Much Love

  12. miss*R said

    oh please, I would love the information (and even a quiz that you recommend to find your body type.. I have done several and they all seem to vary)

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