Soul Coaching – Day 22

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I remember writing in my journal when I was 18 how much I loved my body.
Now I have good days and mixed days. First thing today morning I was scrutinising the size of my pores!  When I am having a yuck moment I will think of some way to turn it into a yummy realisation. Beauty to me in an internal feeling. I have my flaws and I have my strengths. I also have great respect for all that my body is accomplishing on my earthly journey. I am one with the earth, I am one with my body.

Here are some things that make me feel really good:

Eating healthy, organic,  juicy, colorful and yummy food

Showering and putting on my own blend of body oil

Using essential oils

Brushing my hair – Massaging my scalp

Have a massage

Massage my feet

Wear  clothes made of natural fibers in colors that I love

Sparkly earrings

Putting on organic lip gloss

Taking the herbs and superfoods that support my wellbeing

Listening to music

Lying in bed with a hot water bag and a book = Bliss

Being with my children

Being outside in Nature

Quiet time for reflection and journaling


Day dreaming

Being kind, helpful and loving

Talking to my family and relatives overseas

Being passionate about all that I do

Helping my clients on their quest for radiant health

What do you do to make yourself feel “oh so good”?!



  1. Lisa said

    I love your take on this! Of course, especially in our day and age w/mass media, we’re all going to have up and down days, but if we can concentrate on what makes us feel good – healthy vibrant alive and beautiful – then we spend less time comparing ourselves to models and looking at our pores! (I look at my pores too, but more at my tummy fat 😉

    Thank you for this healthy perspective – I gotta go make my list now!

  2. Genie Sea said

    OH! Reading your post cheered me up considerably! Thank you SO much! 🙂 I will be making my own list tonight 🙂

  3. dawnsrays said

    I dig your list and would qualify almost all of them as my own, too!

  4. Jamie said

    What a delicious list. No wonder you chose that scrumptious picture. Thanks for sharing your body joys!

  5. Caroline said

    Great list! Thank you for sharing!

  6. This is nice. I dedicated my yoga practice to my mom today and thought about the gift she’d given me and how much a have been disdainful in my life of her. Now is a good time to be peaceful, thankful and let go of anger and righteousness.

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