Soul coaching – Day 16

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Joy and Fun

Yesterday was the first day I missed writing the blog. I did do the exercises for the day. I celebrated the fears that I had conquered. Once I recognize a fear it does not stand much chance with me. 

 I am a fiery LEO so Fire Week is a lot of fun. While I was cleaning some papers I came across this list that I wrote on June 21 (Summer Soltice) in 2005. I wrote this list after going through a tough time. So if that is where you are right now, please know it can be a turning point if you choose it to be so.

Don’t try to fix everybody

Take care of myself

Fun and Joy

Fulfill my Purpose

Wow! I definitely am living what I wrote.  Fun and Joy have become my allies. Hmmm, I did not do anything greatly suprising from my usual days but I definitely had a lot of FUN in everything I did today and with everyone I met today. I listened to Spanish Music. Don’t understand a word but love its Fire, Passion and Sensuality.

The habit I would like to break out of is to spend less time on the computer and do it in a more organized manner. So today I did just that. Woohoo!



  1. Jamie said

    Yay! What a beautiful affirmation that you are on your path and fulfilling your attentions.

    And I absolutely love that picture – fire and passion, yes!

  2. dawnsrays said

    Oooo, Spanish music IS fun and fiery! Nice. I like that you found that list and can see just how far you’ve come. That is enough to put a smile on your face.
    (I’m a leo, too–I think there are quite a few of us doing S.C who are, or maybe I’m just noticing it because I’m one)

  3. peppylady said

    So glad you are. What a great list.

    Coffee is on.

  4. Dia said

    I’m a Vigro with Venus in Leo – 🙂 passion in my expression – yess indeed!

    I love that picture – I want a skirt that flys like that!

    How wonderful your affirmation that fun & joy are now so much more a part of your life!

  5. Interesting to hear you’re a Leo! No wonder you’re enjoying fire. I’m an air sign and think I’m still working with air, avoiding fire.

    Glad you’re having fun! Enjoy every second of it!

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