Soul Coaching – Day 12

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Stillness and Peace

Stillness and Peace is a really important part of my life. I am a fiery spirit yet I know that it is only in still waters that we can see our reflection and in silence we can hear the  voice of our Creator. I also know it takes Inner Peace to create World Peace.

When I came to Toronto I found the pace of life here almost unbearable. My home was and is my oasis. It is only by keeping this balance that I can live here. Nature always soothes me and I am blessed to have majestic trees around my house. They create a cocoon that is so essential for my wellbeing. I remember my Dad telling me that while growing up in Zanzibar his favorite moments were of  sitting near the ocean and listening to the sound of the water or watching the full moon. For the first time since I left Zanzibar as a baby I returned to the oceanside where my father used to go to and I can say for sure it was one of the most profoundly peaceful and joyful moments I have ever experienced. I now carry that Peace and Stillness in my heart. It is from this place that I now move into action.

May deep Peace be within you! From my heart to yours.



  1. There is no place more beautiful, inspiring, peaceful and majestic than the ocean. I grew up in Toronto and can relate, the fast-paced lifestyle is exciting and I envy and miss it in a lot of ways but my nerves do not. I am glad you have a home that is your sanctuary from the chaos.

  2. Caroline said

    How wonderful to be able to carry that stillness in your heart…and to go back to your “roots”.

  3. Fatma said

    Thank you Suzie. You are so right. Toronto has so much excitement to offer and I am so very grateful for that. I am so very glad to come home to my soft spot and this way I have the best of both worlds. So very many countless blessings!

  4. marilyn said

    It seems that you have the right balance well done .

    I am looking to do a good detox soon as I am slowing working towards having a 50% raw food diet one day.

    well done on day 12

  5. Jamie said

    When my sister Suzie (who left the comment above) came to visit recently it really made me realize just how fast-paced life is here. I heard a while ago that the only responses Torontonians have to “how are you?” are “tired” and “busy.” I particularly appreciate the idea of carrying your peace wiht you in your heart.

  6. Genie Sea said

    I so miss the ocean. There is nothing like it. Thank you for reminding me. 🙂

  7. Dia said

    I find big trees & ocean so peaceful as well. When I lived close to a river, I loved hearing it as I went to sleep, & the different voices over the seasons; rushing after rain, muffled in snow. How blessed to have your home as sanctuary.

  8. claudia said

    Yes, I miss the ocean too. Lovely memories.

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