Soul coaching – Day 10

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Today is 11:11. A powerful day. Make the most of today’s energy. This number is usually a reminder to remember who we really are. Isn’t that exactly what we are doing here?

Today morning I woke up at 3.33 am feeling a rise of emotional pain in my chest. A very strange feeling. I had created a timeline of my life yesterday and now I was seeing some of the challenges I have experienced move like a film in front of my mind’s eyes. I stayed with it, willing to honor it. I breathed in love and forgiveness and breathed out self judgement. As i turned around in my bed I saw the full moon through the window. In the 11 years I have been living here I have never seen the moon on this side of the house. It was a most magical moment. The moon goddess was smiling. I went through all the images looking for the gift in each challenge and then focusing on the gifts. As I finished the clouds covered the moon and I went back to sleep peacefully. When I woke up this morning I noticed a angel card that I had forgotten to put in the box as I put the rest away. It said: Release and surrender!

I am so in harmony with everyone and everything in my Universe.

I usually make  a list of my energy zappers from time to time as well as a list of my energy juicers. I am always willing to let go of what is not serving me anymore or what just needs to be released. I usually  do that on the day of the Full Moon. Tomorrow night is Full Moon night. If you have crystals then today (the day before the peak Full Moon) is a good day to put them out to recharge. Full Moon has the energy of letting go and clearing. I still feel the need  to let go of more stuff on my home office shelf. So this is what I will do and create even more space for many new  delights.

Om Namah Shivaya – I bow to the Almighty in me.



  1. dawnsrays said

    Fantastic! love the photo and the reminder about the crystals for tonight’s cleansing. Peace~

  2. Jamie said

    What a powerful experience. Thank you for sharing it here.

  3. Allison said

    What a wonderful photo & experience with the moon.

  4. I have a thing with numbers too.
    Usually I see 444 and 1234.

  5. Leila said

    That does sound like magical moments. (I’m fond of waking at 3:33 and 4:44.)

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