Soul coaching – Day 9

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Cleanse & Meaning

Thank you so much for all your inspirational comments. You are the flowers in the garden of  life.

One thing I  love about life is the kind people and angels that I encounter along the way. I have learned to put my attention towards all that is good, for even amidst chaos there is always good.

I know for sure: My life experiences have positive, powerful meanings. (I learned that one from my parents.)

Today I plan to clean my dining room window. I use vinegar, water and newspaper. This is a Swiss method for sparkly windows. I am letting more light into my life and my soul!

Did you notice the angel that is visiting you today?



  1. Jamie said

    I love the idea of sparkling windows being an invitation for letting more light in! Enjoy 🙂

  2. miss*R said

    what a truly inspirational post. I learn so much from visiting these blogs & you today, are an angel in my life – blessings and love & thankyou xoxo

  3. Serena said

    i am feeling so much love and support from this group of angels too, fatma, and that includes you. let your light shine ~

    ps. – i use vinegar and water to clean my windows too.

    love, light and peace,

  4. dawnsrays said

    Oh the angel is a blessing and a half today!!! thank you!
    It’s funny how clean, sparkly windows makes you feel better. It is the simple things in life.
    Peace my friend~

  5. Genie Sea said

    Yes, I have noticed many angels, they are all participating in the Soul Coaching! 🙂

  6. Cleaning truly is a loving act. I have gotten so behind. Thanks for the reminder!

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