Soul coaching – Day 8

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Turning points

My first intense turning point was when  at age 9 we had to leave Uganda.  Idi Amin’s arrival on the political scene rocked the foundation of the South Asian community as we were asked to leave the country. It is the first time that I felt the emotion of intense anger at the idea that someone could just make us leave our home. The intensity of my anger surprised me . It took me many years to get over the fear and insecurity of losing our home.

We lived in poverty for the next 2 1/2 years in Dar es Salaam Tanzania.
What sustained us was the strong faith and love  of my parents. In the end the very thing that created insecurity gave me security that no matter what happens, if you have a family that holds together in difficult times you will make it through.

Moving to Switzerland at the age of 12. The people of Switzerland were so wonderful to us and me and my family have so very many happy memories  of growing up in this beautiful country.

Very many other turning points in between.

Fast forward to now: my 11th year living in Toronto. I am right now wanting to move forward in my business  with the intention to help a LOT of people. I have moments where fear grips me yet life has taught me that you can feel the fear and do it anyway. And so with jelly legs I venture forth and affirm: What I feel is not who I am. I am ready to leave the shore and sail the ocean.


  1. A wish to you for smooth sailing.

  2. Genie Sea said

    You have come such a long way! Happy and fruitful travels! 🙂

  3. Allison said

    That is a GORGEOUS photo for the beginning of water week. As clean & composed as we shall all hopefully feel by the end of it….(aren’t I optimistic?)

    Safe sailing!

  4. Lisa said

    What a journey you’ve had. I know you will have success in the future, from the fortitude you have shown in the past!

  5. dawnsrays said

    Wow, what an intense journey you have had! To have the very foundation, your home, taken away and then to rebuild far away from what you’ve known is truly living on faith! You already have proven that it can be done so I know that whatever you choose to do, wherever that may be, will be successful.

  6. Maree said

    Wow…what an amazing journey you have been on. So many things must seem very possible to you, given all you have been through. Also, I wish I was on that beach right now!

  7. Serena said

    I’m so glad that the people of Switzerland made you feel so welcome after such a tough journey. I also wish you every success with your latest turning point. Sail on ~

    Love, light and peace,

  8. Jamie said

    What a powerful story you have. There is so much power in faith, love and family. I’m glad that surrounded you when faced with such challenge!

    May your work touch hearts and change lives 🙂

  9. aurora fox said

    yes, family can be the glue in a person’s life…you were fortunate to have this type of family and have much to share and give to others…

  10. Muhammad said

    You reminded me back to our childhood. Yes we have been trough a lot and we sticked together trough this as a family. We can be proud that we have a strong family bond. I appreciate that I have a sister like you I’m proud of you. And thanks for being always their for me and guiding / coaching me trough my difficult times. I wish you all the success in your life and more.

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