Soul Coaching – Day 5

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More decluttering!

Today I chose to declutter the area where I am in transition. I am  stepping it up in my work to move into another arena. I had just cleared my home office 2 months ago. Given that I want to move on it was time to let go of another level. I really enjoy the process of letting go as I have experienced the results from my regular decluttering sessions. Everytime I am amazed how I still have stuff to give away especially since I am very careful about what comes in. Whenever I declutter I have an immense feeling of abundance. No matter how much I give away I still have way more than I need. I have been simplifying my life for 3 years now and I celebrate every time I can let go.

I am looking forward to continuing the clutter clearing until Day 7 and then do the space clearing process.

I can absolutely affirm that fresh invigorating energy fills my life.

This is an affirmation that is also helpful during the clutter clearing process:  All my needs are taken care of as I follow my Higher Path.


  1. Jamie said

    “No matter how much I give away I still have way more than I need” – that sounds like a beautiful affirmation!

    Best of luck taking your work to a new level!

  2. Genie Sea said

    Fresh invigorating energy fills your post! 🙂

  3. I havn’t had the chance to visit the others in this circle enough. So glad I came here. It’s wonderful reading your posts and seeing your photos.
    Thank you!

  4. dawnsrays said

    Beautiful post and so comforting to know that after 3 years you still find new and exciting results. Gives hope to us all!
    p.s. I love those stones in your picture.

  5. It’s so true! Where does all this stuff come from?! I’ve been decluttering for five years and I still have a ton to let go of. Enjoy the invigorating energy of the air! It’s wonderful isn’t it?

  6. Shemin said

    Amazing stuff! I am in the process of decluttering and it certainly makes me feel lighter everytime. Lots to declutter however the journey has begun! 🙂

    Love your blog!
    Thank you…..


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