Soul Coaching – Day 4

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Where are you now in your Life?

First things first: Congratulations America! I am thrilled with your choice of your new Leader Barack Obama! The name Barack comes from the Arabic Baraka which means BLESSINGS!

As I started writing my journal for today I was staring at a blank page not knowing what to write. What was it that my ego was not wanting to see? I opened myself up to receiving some insight and then realization hit me. I identify so strongly with what I do rather than who I really am. This was such a big AHA moment. Oprah calls it a lightbulb moment.  I understand this now at a very deep level. I love and accept who I am and who I am enough. I have used that affirmation many times. Today I really understand it. Just because I exist I am enough. For who I truly am is magnificent, remarkable and eternal. My identity is not who I am. I feel free  and ready to SOAR!

Addition an hour later: I just picked up a card by Wayne Dyer that has been on my computer table for a few weeks. MY daughter had chosen the card as her favorite card from the Inner Peace deck. On the front it says: I am a divine precious soul. On the back it says: Once you believe in yourself and see your soul as divine and precious, you will automatically become a being  who can create a miracle.

I have “seen” this card before, NOW it really speaks to me. What we need to know is right there before our own eyes if we just allowed the light in.


  1. dawnsrays said

    Oh I love it! so happy for you.

  2. Serena said

    WOW….great insights, Fatma! It’s funny how when we ‘awake’, it’s like we see things through different eyes…..authentic eyes.

  3. Beautiful! Let that spirit of yours soar free and start making miracles.

  4. meandmom said

    What a fanTASic post Fatma! Thank you! I feel empowered just reading it!

  5. loverawfood said

    Dawn – Thank you very much!

    Serena – That is the word – Authentic eyes – ready to see the truth

    Sacred Suzie – I wish you the very same! 🙂

    meandmom – Thank you! I like empowering!

  6. Genie Sea said

    Funny isn’t it? We can look at something countless times but only see it in a moment of clarity! Awesome! 🙂

  7. Fatma, I would love to hear what ideas you have for me. I’m unsure how to email you via this though?

  8. Jamie said

    It’s beautiful to see you soar!

  9. Kelly said

    What an incredible photo!!!!! Stunning. Thanks for sharing it…

  10. […] I have been a Health and Wellness practitioner for 15 years. Last year my inner voice told me it was time to step up. I am capable of helping more people. The Universe has guided me step by step. I am now also a Law of Attraction Coach. So what was stopping me from moving forward. Why was there a hesistancy in my step. I knew there was that elusive something. Looking back I now realise that the question waiting to be answered was: Who AM I? Check out my ephiphany on Day 4. […]

  11. “I identify so strongly with what I do rather than who I really am”. This has been a theme for me for way too long, but as I approach my 40th year I have had somewhat of an awakening. Glad to have found this entry (no matter how many years since you made the post!). Thank you.

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