Soul coaching – Day 3

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Clearing Clutter

There is clarity within me and around me.

I first fell in love with decluttering while reading Karen Kingston’s book Creating sacred space with Feng Shui 13 years ago. Denise Linn wrote the foreword for that book. Since then I have found the process of decluttering really powerful. It is always a meditative activity for me and a creates a feeling of freedom from letting go. I also consider it a holy act to create sacred space.

What a delightful synchronicity that Denise Linn is talking on Hay house Radio about Sacred Smoke – Clear your home of stagnant energy while I am writing. In my culture we have used smoke for clearing energies for centuries. I grew up associating sacred ceremonies with this smoke. I have used essential oils, sage, smoke and bells to clear the energy in my home depending on what I feel like.  I love the sound of the balinese space clearing ball that I got from Karen Kingston. You could use any bell you have and bless it for that purpose.

Here are some tips from Denise:

Know why you are using smoke. Is it for blessing, meditation or whatever your intent is.

Hold intent as you use herbs, incense or resins like frankincense or myrrh and walk around the circumference of your room and home. These tools are vehicles to magnify your intent.

You can scoop up the smoke or just twirl it for the following areas and affirm:

Head – My thoughts are pure

Ears – I hear the truth

Throat – I speak the truth

Heart – My heart is open

You can do this before you smoke your home. You can also bless your home and state your purpose.

If you have none of the tools just use your intent to clear your space.

Karen Kingston’s book has a lengthy space clearing process that is really fun to do if you have the time.

Clutter clearing is one of the fastest way to lighten your soul. Celebrate what you did do.

Doing my bedroom did not take long as I do clutter clearing regularly. My clutter in other areas involves books and papers.

I have a basket near the dining table and I will just clear the table and put my pile in the basket.

Today I put a very little new wooden shoe rack that was waiting to be used at the bottom of the staircase where I leave my library books and my handbag. They end up falling on each other and looking messy.  A simple solution that looks so nice.

Clutter clearing is an ongoing process and it always surprises me what shows up inside and out.



  1. dawnsrays said

    Very helpful suggestion and ideas. Thank you for sharing them. I love your photograph, as well.

  2. Genie Sea said

    Thank you for the suggestions! Very inspiring!

  3. Serena said

    I have the Karen Kingston book too and it’s a wonderful asset! I used it in our previous home and purged a lot of stuff when we moved just over a year ago…….gradually though, clutter has managed to build back up in the garage and wardrobes of this house. Denise’s lesson was perfect timing for me to make a start in clearing the clutter as I know I have been feeling down lately because of it.

    I really like your idea of a basket near the dining table. I’m big into books and I always have books and book-related paperwork piled on desks or tables. This is a perfect solution….thanks!

    Love, light and peace ~

  4. Jamie said

    What a beautiful suggestion. Thank you for sharing it. And I also really appreciate the reminder that decluttering is an ongoing process. I breathe a sigh of relief when I read that, like I don’t have to set a goal to check off “complete.”

  5. Smoke is powerful! It scares me a little (being an air sign, I can create quite a bonfire completely by accident) but I do use it for cleansings sometimes too.

    I think I need to learn more about feng shui. There is so much wisdom there!

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