Soul coaching – Day 2

Commitment Pictures, Images and Photos

When you are committed to something you except no excuses only results.

Day 2 – Making a commitment to change your Life

My one empowering action daily:

Writing a gratitude journal that acknowledges my soul and what is within me.

I had done a value exercise some time back and I live  my life in congruence with my values.

Hmm, have I been putting something off? I have been wanting to make a list of 101 things I would like to experience with no attachment. Today I will list the first 5 items on that list.

I definitely commit to the following:

I commit to becoming aware of the unconscious patterns that limit me.

I commit to living a magnificent life, measured by my own standards.


  1. dawnsrays said

    Living your life in accordance to your own values is so Huge! Kudos!! I will have to work at this exercise for a bit.

  2. Jamie said

    Powerful commitments! Here’s to your magnificent life!

  3. Fantastic commitment, checking out our blind spots (the unconscious thoughts and choices that keep us down) is a great one! I hope you experience more freedom and a magnificent life as a result.

  4. miss*R said

    I love reading the commitments that others are making, sometimes it triggers something for me ! blessings for your journey through Soul Coaching xo

  5. pen* said

    i love the idea of a gratitude journal… a very potent commitment.

  6. Serena said

    Powerful commitments! And the daily gratitude journal will be a great tool in honouring them.

  7. loverawfood said

    I really appreciate your comments

    Dawn – where intentions goes energy flows
    Jamie – Thank you!
    Suzie – For sure I want to see those blind spots – My goal is to live a freedom based life
    Miss R – I find the blogs great for showing us some of our blind spots
    Pen & Serena – Thank you. I am really enjoying the gratitude journal. This one is more internal focused than external.

  8. rice said

    Very well said, indeed!

  9. Genie Sea said

    Weeee! That’s what the photo makes me feel! Weee! Making a commitment to narrowing one’s commitments is awesome!

  10. Danette said

    I love your photo, what a perfect image for commitment!

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