Soul Coaching – Day 1

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Day 1 – Air week – Life assessment

Thank you so much for all your comments. What a joy to wake up and find wonderful soul sisters accompanying me on my journey.

I have been doing personal work for over 3 years now. In Fall 2005 I made a decision to simplify my life and make space for what really matters. Living a simple life is a process that can take 3-5 years as you go through your life and belongings with a toothcomb. I have let go of so many things and continue to do so.

I am fascinated by our humaness and the many layers of ourselves. I am very comfortable with where I am.

I loved doing the life assessment as there is always something happening right now that needs illuminating and helps me live even more fully. As I sat writing in my journal I would look out at the vast expansive blue sky. It looked so very beautiful. The leaves are dancing in the light fall breeze. Every day I am so thankful for the majestic trees that surround my home. I am in awe as I embrace life with open arms.

Today I cleaned my kitchen from top to bottom, inside and out. As I went through the list for my home, what came up is the clutter hot spots in certain areas. Clutter makes me restless. So I spent yesterday and today clearing my clutter. What is my clutter telling me? It tells me to be OK with not being perfect. It tells me to let it be sometimes and go out and run, jump, laugh and play. Today I forgive myself for wanting my home to be perfect. I give it my love and thank it for shelter, warmth, the joy of my family and the place where I do my work. My home is my sanctuary.

I breath deeply of life.



  1. nimoyca said

    Great post! It was such a good reminder that clutter can’t disappear in an instant – it involves a lot of hard (& rewarding) work.

  2. pen* said

    i love your writing, and i loved this line: ” i am fascinated by our humaness and the many layers of ourselves” because it is so true…
    like you, i am grateful for sharing this journey with such awe inspiring kindred spirits and thank you for being part of that.

  3. dawnsrays said

    It is great to have soul sister to share this journey with and I too am so grateful for each of them. I admire you for the decision to simplify your life. It is harder to do than one thinks but oh, the space it creates inside and out is priceless!

  4. Jamie said

    What a great post. I love the perspective that it can take years to simplify your life. It’s a great reminder that this journey is a process and it takes time. When I realize that, I breathe a sigh of relief.

  5. Nicole said

    Forgiveness is an amazing thing! I loved that your were forgiving yourself because we so often forget to forgive ourselves in the process of moving forward. Wishing you all the magical blessings along the way. Nicole x

  6. Kelly said

    I was just saying today that I feel like this process is like taking a finetooth comb and combing thru my life to see where the snags are…so when I read your post I felt a synchronistic AHA! I just think it’s such a great way to describe this process. I really enjoyed reading your post!! Thanks for sharing…I look forward to more.

  7. Oh how I love this, my home is my sanctuary. I used to feel that way too and I’m trying to bring that sentiment back to my life, it’s wonderful to meet someone else who has been lightening up her life and taking care of her home.

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