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Fresh herbs


Herbs can take whatever you make to the next level. Besides tasting so very good they also offer therapeutic benefits. We have a variety growing in the garden and indoors too. You can find heirloom and organic varieties at the Village Market or order them from Urban Harvest .

These are some of the herbs we love:

Thyme: Undispensable in French cuisine and exemplifying graceful elegance to the Greek, thyme has a strong, delicious herby taste. It is very effective for chest problems and supporting the immune system. It tastes so good in soups, salad dressings and just about any vegetable dish.

Mint: The original medicinal mint was spearmint. It is the variety we are growing. Mint is a flavor that almost everybody is familiar with. It is recommended for tonic purposes, arthritis, morning sickness and digestion. Wonderful in tabbouleh and home made lemonade.

Basil: Mmmm… Basil always reminds me of Italy where I first had it. I probably use more basil than any other herb. Although identified with the Mediterranean cuisine, basil is a native of India where it is regarded as a sacred herb. Basil is yummy in pesto, with any tomato dish, lasagne and soups.

My son tends to our herbs with much love and for sure we can taste the difference.



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