The Flow of Life


Truly, madly, deeply loving yoga. It is helping me immensely with some turbulences right now. Is it just me or is there a major planetary shift?

Here is a beautiful piece from Yoga teacher Shiva Rea:

Embodying the Flow:

Prana - life is energy and breath, inhale fully

Vinyasa : life is cycles of waves, learn to surf

Yoga : life is a unified field, relax into oneness

Parinama : life is change, be open

Spanda : life is vibrating consciousness, awaken

Shakti : life is creative energy, celebrate your essence

Unmesa : life contracts, have no fear

Nimesa : life expands, transform limitations

Tala : life is rhythm, find your pulse

Prasara : life is flow, ride the wave

Rasa : Life is full of juice, savor each moment

Prema : Life is infinite love, burst the dam swim

Sukha : Life is inherent happiness, embody joy without external needs

Sangha : life is community, participate fully

Mandala : life is wholeness, be and see 360 degrees

Bindu : life returns and emerges from the conscious seed, bow to the source

Nataraj : life is an eternal dance, om namah shivaya


  1. Neeta said

    you do share absolute pearls of wisdom through your posts, sweet fatma, thank you so much for this beautiful gift, i simply loved these words……
    here’s wishing you calm and peace through your turbulent times, which will definitely pass away as everything does…..
    much much love and hugs, xxx

  2. loverawfood said

    Neeta, thank you so much for coming by during your nomadic travels and sharing your light with us.

    All my love

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