Very Berry Spring Smoothie



"One of the lessons I've learned is that the quality of the answers that we get in life is truly determined by the quality of the questions we ask."
Paul Martinelli Speaker and President of LifeSuccess Consulting

Today  I ask myself: How do I feel rich in ways that money can't buy? Here is how  I have experienced richness today:-Being able to bring Safia home for lunch from school, prepare her lunch and sit with her.- Going out in the gorgeous spring sunshine afterwards so she can cycle outside.-2 people in the store asking me about that green bunch in my shopping trolley  and what I do with it. I loved sharing that it was dandelion and that I use it in my smoothies and salads.-I went to buy a pencil box  from a store that is about 15 minutes drive away and met one of the employee whose child attends the same school as Safia. She told me that when I needed anything from the store to just let her know and she would bring it for me so I did not need to drive there. What a wonderful offer.

- Being able to listen to and help my clients

And so much more...

How about I tell you which smoothie I made with the dandelion:

A big handful dandelion

A big handful spinach

1 banana

3 strawberries

3 tbsp wild blueberries

3/4 cup water


What are the riches you are experiencing today?





























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