Impressions from Africa

Island off Dar es Salaam

 Life is truly magnificent and I am so very grateful for the miracle of each moment. Regardless of where I am I appreciate the beauty, wonder and preciousness of life. Here are some impressions from my journey to Africa:

– How much I enjoyed the very thing I used to fear in times gone by – Flying

– The gorgeous weather while in transit for a day in London

– Safia’s  delight in her first trip despite moments of homesickness

– Seeing my brother after 15 years and connecting right away

– The love and support of my Mum, brother and my sister-in-law for all that I am and all that I want to be.

– The pace of life in Africa. Time slows down even amidst chaos. Everybody seems to be living outdoors during the day.

– The lushness of the vegetation and the miles and miles of tall coconut palm trees against the blue, blue sky

– The tropical fruits and wild young coconuts sold everywhere making it very easy to eat well while on the road

– The intense beauty of the majestic ocean and the warm, soft sand on the beaches. Oh to dig my feet into the sand and then walk into the ocean.  

 – The lush, balmy evenings

– The women in their colorful clothes

and much more.

Now I am back in Toronto and I see mountains of snow, bare trees and a grey sky but I also see my home and my boys and I am so happy.



  1. Melissa said

    Oh, this sounds so incredibly dreamy. I have always wanted to go to Africa and you are so lucky!

    Thank you for sharing your adventure. ❤

  2. loverawfood said

    Melissa, there is so much more. May your wish come true and may you get to experience a feeling of paradise.


  3. Neeta said

    next time take me with you please, i’d like a taste of it too 🙂
    thanks for sharing it fatma, and yes it does remind me of parts of india……
    much love,
    xxx neeta

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