Jambo from Zanzibar


Saying hello from Zanzibar. I spent the day at my cousin’s place in London while it transit. London greeted us with gorgeous sunshine. We got the most beautiful aerial view of London and were We  able to see the Tower of London, the Wheel and more. While Toronto was dealing with snowstorms, the trees in London were already blossoming and Spring was in the air. I love England and will have to come again. Neeta bought me the most delicious raw lunch and dessert. How lucky! Thank you so much, Neeta. It was wonderful to spend time with my cousin and his wife. I flew on to Dubai and spent an hour at Dubai airport. Dubai brought back many memories of the time when I lived in Doha, Qatar. I encountered friendly people at every airport and everything was smooth sailing. I arrived in Dar-es-Salaam full of energy although I had spent 21 hours on the plane in 2 days and slept about 4 hours.

I have been in Zanzibar for a week. Zanzibar is full of contrasts. I am living at Ahlan Palace, my brother’s hotel in Stone Town. Stone Town is Zanzibar’s ancient part and full of historic buildings, palaces and old homes. There are many beautiful hotels here but also a lot of run down homes. Although it is low season there are very many tourists here. Stonetown is full of narrow alleys that look all alike to me. I am starting to understand the maze somewhat now.

My favorite part are the countryside which is full of wild banana trees and coconut palms. I estimate that only about 25 % of the land is being used for produce. The seaside is stunningly beautiful. 

Fruits are in abundance. There is a main market but produce is sold on the road side everywhere. Fruits available include papaya, pineapple, young coconuts, passion fruit, custard apple, water melon, mangos as well as local fruit of which I don’t even know the english names.

Most of the population seems to spend time outdoors. Children are always playing outside their homes and women and men will tend to sit outside as well.

For breakfast I always have 2 glass of smoothies made with coconut combined with fruits and spirulina. The chef at the hotel makes them for me and my brother who has tried spirulina for the first time. Out on the road there are plenty of wild young coconuts, sugarcane juice with ginger and lime and peeled mangos.  

I really enjoyed the spice tour. We went to a farm with 150 varieties of produce. The owner gave us an excellent explantion of the plants and their uses. Here are just some of the plants I saw: Tamarind, jackfruit, durian, aloe, starfruit, clove, vanilla, cacao, coffee, cardamom, passionfruit, coconut, turmeric, ginger, lychees, curry leaves. bay leaves and more.

A farm worker climbed up a coconut tree and served us fresh wild young coconuts. At the end we were served lychees, bananas with seeds and passion fruit. The farm workers made bags out of the coconut palm leaves as well as a ring and bracelet for Safia.  

My time is over. More to come.

 Hello to everyone and sending sunshine your way.




  1. Yasmin said

    haya dada, una starehe juani na unakunwa madafu 🙂 Na sisi hapa kuna barafu nyingi na kuna baridi sana, sana.

  2. Shemin said

    hi fatma

    sure brings back a lot of memories. I am glad you went too on the Spice Tour. I was fascinated by it especially the way “lipstick” is made!

    Enjoy your beautiful holiday while we shovel the snow!!

    Shemin 🙂

  3. Samira said

    can’t wait to see all the pictures!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy all the sun and shores u can… because winter isn’t ending here anytime soon… (doesn’t look like that from my window anyways) was really happy ur flight and all went smoothly… have a safe journey back!!!

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