Ready to fly


I will be leaving tomorrow. This is my first flight in 10 years. As a child I used to have severe motion sickness. As an adult I would still feel queasy on a plane. I would also feel very disconnected from the Earth. I would block out the whole flight and just wait to reach my destination. I would possibly be amongst the first ones to exit the plane and breath a sigh of relief when my feet touched the ground. In earlier times I would have gone with a caravan. Now I have the Raw Edge and I am openheartedly embracing and looking forward to the experience.

I also ask myself: How can I make this even more wonderful? So this is what I have in my goodie bag.

– My own comfortable cotton blanket which I have had for 17 years. Safia wants to share this with me.

– A new journal and pen just for this trip. It already contains a list of things that I want to experience on this trip  as well as inspirational quotes that I love. Safia has her own journal too.

– Soothing essential oils including one of Safia’s favorites, Peace & Calming.

– 2 days worth of Vitamineral Greens, Fruits of the Earth,  Vitamineral Earth and my own superfood fudge. I might add some flax crackers. I will be drinking more than eating.

– Xylitol chewing gum and organic lollipops for take off and landing. We will be having several of those. Safia is excited to be getting candy without begging for it.

– Glorious reading stuff. We both love to read and will have plenty of time to indulge.

– A cute Winnie the Pooh towel for Safia. She makes a big fuss when she gets sticky fingers.

Other things:

– Lots of Joy, Fun and Excitement.

– Precious Mother-Daughter time.

Another question I like asking myself is: How good can I stand it?

You can do that too and  find yourself soar like an eagle.

 Watch this space for more.

All the very best



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