Africa is calling


Yupee. I will be leaving for Africa in 3 days. I will be seeing my younger brother after 14 years and seeing my Mum and many relatives again . I will also be visiting the island on which I was born for the first time.  Here is what Travel writer Steenie Harvey says about Zanzibar which is on the list of the top ten exotic locations:

Spicy Idyll: Zanzibar

Basking in the Indian Ocean off Tanzania, Zanzibar conjures up thoughts of dhow boats, flying fish, and pepper plantations. Once busy with spice merchants and slave-traders, Stone Town is the island capital. Picture fortress ruins, sultans’ palaces, and miles of palm-fringed coves. Ocean coral gardens attract divers and snorkelers. July’s Festival of the Dhow Countries is East Africa’s largest cultural event 

I will be going with my 7 year old daughter Safia who is flying for the first time. This trip will include many firsts for me and her. I will share some of those with you at a later time.

Tomorrow I will let you know what I am carrying in my hand luggage. We will be travelling for 2 days and passing through 4 airports on 4 continents.

Here is a song in Swaheli that transports me to Africa right away. I used to love this song as a child just before leaving Africa for Switzerland. Now Africa is beckoning and I am looking forward to be experiencing its’ rhythms again.


  1. Yasmin said

    Nimefurahi sana kusikia ‘Malaika’. Asante sana, rafiki yangu. Safari njema. Uwa salimie mama, kaka na bibi yake na watoto.
    Mungu akubariki. 🙂
    Nitakupigia simu baadaye.


  2. loverawfood said

    Asante Yasmin. Una sema Swaheli mzuri sana. Mimi nime sahao yote lekini na jaribu ku sema kidogo kidogo.

    Mimi na furahi ku sema na wewe. Shukuru sana, rafiki yangu.


  3. agvelarde said

    this is pretty cool. It’s all of our mother land’s, so congrats. I’m in Africa now, in Cameroon, and I can already feel the continent wanting me to stay.

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