Dry Skin Brushing


 Dry skin brushing is a simple technique that is easy to incorporate in our daily routine. It is best done at least once  in the morning as it is so invigorating. Skin brushing is done on dry skin. Starting at the feet and moving towards the heart in upwards strokes. Use circular motions on the abdomen. Include the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet.  It takes under 5 minutes to do the whole body. If you are doing it for the first time, start gently until your skin adapts to firmer strokes.  Skin brushing is a spa treatment you can do for yourself everyday.

Benefits of dry skin brushing:

The skin is our largest detox organ, sometimes also called the third kidney. Skin brushing helps with eliminating toxins through the skin.

Improves blood and lymph flow. The lymph moves only through exercise or massage. It is a vital part of the immune and detox system. The skin is the last organ to receive nutrients from the body. Increased blood flow will carry these nutrients to the skin.

Helps with cellulite

Soft glowing skin

A lot of benefits for something that  feels so good and is easy to do.

A natural bristle brush is recommended for this technique. My personal preference is a sisal mitt even though it needs to be replaced more frequently.

Just get brushing any which way you choose.




  1. Neeta said

    Yessssss for Skin Brushing, I’m totally addicted, can’t do a single day without now!!!
    Clean, fresh, shiny, glowing, smooth and healthy skin, what more can one ask for? :-0
    Thanks for posting on this very important ritual of cleansing and good health…..
    Much love,
    xxx Neeta

  2. loverawfood said


    I agree. Some of life’s best things are the small, simple things.
    I love this ritual.

    XO Fatma

  3. Karine said

    HI Fatma!
    Do we have to do that on a dry skin? I never did that but heard a lot about it.
    Thanks for the answer!

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