Green Smoothie on Montel Show

21 Days to Transform Your Life, Supercharge Your Health, andFeel Spectacular

I am not a TV watcher so I appreciate it when I am passed on information that is relevant. My sister caught the Montel show today titled “Living Well: 21 days to change your life”. Montel has just come out with a book of the same name about the program that changed his life. I am a book worm so will look out for the book. Some of you might know that Montel has Multiple Sclerosis. He mentions the healing power of green drinks. He drinks a lot of them. His personal chef Mike makes them for him. Wow! A chef to make green smoothies. He calls them green drinks. Everyone in the audience got to taste one.

I am so happy that the Power of Green is being broadcast on almost every show out there. I encourage every single client of mine that if they choose to make one change, make it a Green Smoothie.

Check out Montel’s website.

Plus size model Emme who had lymphatic cancer was helped by his program. This is what Emme says on Amazon:

I was just on Montel’s show yesterday and I know that Living Well can transform who you are today. Trying a wholistic, natural alternative, or approach may make all the difference in your efforts. If you’ve been feeling poorly for a while, yoyo dieting, dealing with aches, pains and chronic ailments, going green may be just what you need for the results you want. I know juicing green and eating more veggies and fruits has helped me through my cancer treatment enormously and clearly Montel with his MS symptoms. Montel shares how he Lives Well and made it easy for you to do the same! Do yourself and your loved ones a favor, try his receipes and make a shift in your lifestyle for good.
Bye bye feeling bad, HELLO happiness!
To Health,

Very well said Emme.

Feel free to join the Green Revolution.



  1. I’m so glad you posted this because it’s the first I heard about Montel and green drinks. That’s great how much exposure “GREENS” are getting these days. Yay!

  2. loverawfood said

    Kristen, I am soo glad the Green Revolution is happening. We will keep on keeping on.


  3. Chef Mike said

    I love your blog! Very informative and inspiring. Keep up the great work and thanks for the kudos.

    Peace, health, happiness, and blessings!


  4. loverawfood said

    Thank you for your inspiring comment, Mike. I totally love what you are doing too. Thank you for what you do.

    Have the best time ever!


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