Superfood bliss

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Here is a superfood smoothie, inspired by David Wolfe of  raw food, blended food and super food fame.

1 tsp maca (more on maca next week)

1 tsp green powder or spirulina

2 handful goji berries

1 banana

1 tsp cacao nibs or carob

a pinch of nutmeg

1 cup of water, coconut water, pau d’arco tea or cat’s claw tea – you can soak 1 tsp of the herbs in finger hot water for 15 minutes

You can also add medicinal mushrooms like shitake, reishi, maitake, agaricus or cordyceps.

Variation: Can use other fruits and berries. You can also add a tbsp of coconut oil, hemp oil or flax oil. Play and add or leave out what makes you happy.

Blend your way to bliss and feel like an ecstatic superbeing.



  1. tumel said

    Thank you for this recipe:) I think I tire a little of the smoothies I find myself making. I have all the ingredients but the green powder you mention or the spirulina, and the cats claw tea.. and the mushrooms.. and it seems the cacao nibs too:( do you think it would just as good without these? maybe not without the cacao….but I will take your advice and play with it. It looks really delicious.

  2. Yasmin said

    I luv goji berries – I’ve just been eating them like peanuts. Thank you for the recipe – will definitely try it.

    Keep on Rawing!! 😉


  3. Shemin said

    Wow, it looks like a powerful smoothie! Must try soon…. 🙂

  4. loverawfood said

    tumel, you got it right. Play with what you have. Thank you for coming by. I will remember to post some more smoothie recipes.

    Yasmin, I am glad you are rawing with me 🙂

    Shemin, let me know how blissed out you feel!


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