Raw inspiration


Raw food makes life so much more colorful and delicious. When I started eating more raw food over 2 years ago I could not have dreamed how very wonderful it would make me feel and how it would transform my life on all levels. I was healthy when I started going raw yet I feel healthier today on all levels. The Raw Energy is incredible and truly helps me to live Life to the fullest.

If you are not feeling well check out my friend Neeta’s blog and how raw food and juice feasting is changing her life and freeing her from a list of ailments and aches and pains. All this in just 3 months. You truly do not have to go through life feeling sorry for yourself. There is so much inspiration out there as well as some dramatic transformations. Check out the super raw social network site Give it to me Raw and meet and read the stories of some beautiful people as well as find plenty of information  to help you live a vibrant life. And please do not forget coming back here 🙂

Just on the side, if you like Indian Music check out this uplifting video and transport yourself to India.  The singer is Neeta’s brother.  

Have a colorful day.



  1. Neeta said

    You’ve been my guiding angel on this journey, generously sharing information, knowledge and advice, giving me unconditional support and encouragement at every step of the way, making me aware of Divine grace by embodying Light and Radiance, bringing the consciousness of the new world into my sphere by your sparkling Love for Life……
    Merci mon ami, bahut bahut shukriya…..

  2. loverawfood said


    I am but a mirror that is reflecting your light and I am thankful to be of help and service.

    Enjoy your light filled life.

    Mon plaisir.

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