Making space for the new


I have been decluttering and cleaning for the last 2 days. I first learned about the power of decluttering 12 years ago in Karen Kingston’s book “Creating sacred space with Feng Shui”. I have been doing it regularly ever since. You can check out Karen’s website here.  2 years ago I decided to radically simplify my life and focus on what really matters to me. It took me 1 1/2 years to clear years worth of stuff.  Every 3 months I will look around and see what needs to go. It is amazing how attached we can get to stuff. But taking time to do it is so very worth it. It always creates a shift in my life. And it definitely creates an aura of peace. On Saturday I did a marathon session of 12 hours of clearing and cleaning. It was mostly cleaning as I thankfully have overcome the huge mountain of stuff. I also rawganized my kitchen. I was buying so many fruits and they had to be distributed all over. Now I have a huge fruit basket and everything is beautifully dispayed in there. All my nuts, seeds, superfoods are now in one place as well. YEAH! I assure you I could not have cleaned 12 hours in a row without raw food. 2007 has been amazing as I have been able to accomplish so much with Raw Energy. So now I am making space for an awesome 2008.

Decluttering also totally puts you off shopping as you realise how much you already have. It is amazing how mindlessly we buy stuff  that justs sits and piles up and takes the energy that could be used somewhere else. Decluttering is the best antidote to this. It also makes me feel really abundant as I realise how much I have.

Talking about stuff please take time to watch this 20 minute powerful movie called “The story of stuff” and share it with your friends. If you ever wondered why we can buy some stuff incredibly cheap and where stuff really goes, you can now find out. We are using way too much stuff that are toxic to us and our planet. This movie provides food for thought.

As part of becoming more conscious of what we buy we also need to become more conscious of what we put in our mouths. So I hope you have put eating healthy, well and raw on top of your list for 2008. We are our best asset and the better we do, the more we can give back to the Collective Consciousness.  Natalia Rose, one of my inspiration for going raw, has put together a free collection of raw and vegetarian recipes for kids. Check it out and choose a few to use with your family.

For now I will say “Auf Wiedersehen”. This is german for bye bye but also means see you again. I will take some time to spend with my family, nurture my heart by fussing over them and recharge to get 2008 off to a great start.

Happy Holidays wherever you are. See you again. I am blessed to have you be a part of my life.

Love, Peace & Goodwill always.



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