How colorful is your life?

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I like to take time for reflection any chance I get. December is a high energy month with many multicultural festivals, the soltice and the year end. In December I like to dig deeper. What has worked and what can be improved? What would I like to evolve to in the New Year?

Do you remember how movies started out. They were black and white with no sound. Then sound was added followed by some colors. Now movies are technicolor with hi digital sound effect making movies more vibrant, alive and real. More fun too.

How colorful is your life? Are there any dreams that you let go of, are there any seeds you forgot to sow? You missed the boat? Never mind. There is always another boat in the harbor. Let’s step into our boats and sail the ocean of life. We might encounter a few storms on the way but we also know that the sea will calm down, the sun will shine and winter will ALWAYS be followed by spring. Which ports would you like to visit and which ones will you pass by?

Your life is a painting you paint. Use the colors YOU love and infuse it with the song of your heart.

It is also a work in progress. You can always take the brush and paint another picture and sing another song. You can also sit back and enjoy what you have created.

I wish you many beautiful pictures and a lot of joyful songs.


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  1. Shemin said

    My imagination is running wild! Thank you Fatma for encouraging us to think and dream….. What you focus on, expands right?

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