7 New Wonders of the World

 taj mahal

I think we live on an awesomely beautiful planet. There is no end to the miracles that can be experienced. So I was thrilled to see the new internet campaign on the new 7 wonders of Nature. Bernard Weber who started the New7Wonders foundation is Swiss-Canadian like me. The first campaign was to vote for the 7 manmade wonders of the world.

The new 7 wonders were declared as following on 07.07.07

Great Wall of China

Christ Redeemer, Brazil

Taj Mahal, India

Chichen Itza, Mexico

Machu Picchu, Peru

Petra, Jordan

Colosseum, Italy

The New7wonders of Nature campaign has the Galapagos Islands, Mount Everest and Ayers Rock as likely contenders. Bernard Weber’s aim is to “create respect and enthusiasm ….. for the beauty of our planet.”

If we want to save anything, we first need to truly appreciate it.

Bernard Weber – during the announcement of the N7W of Nature campaign in Lisbon 07.07.07

Choosing only 7 does not even begin to cover it. The planet we are lucky to call home is abundant in natural beauty but I am for anything that brings more attention to the beauty and preservation of it.

You can nominate your favorite places here.

What are some of your favorite places?



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